FSDT обновления и распродажа

Во-первых, релиз KCLT — забираем тут. При покупке этой сцены до 11-го июня, по коду KCLT64BIT вы получите 50% скидку на остальные продукты. А по этому коду FSDT64BIT вы получите скидку 30% на всё. Остальные обновы ниже

Fsdreamteam is happy to announce the release of many new important updates:

— The release of the new Charlotte Douglas KCLT airport, for FSX/P3D, already optimized for Prepar3D V4!

— A new major update to GSX, featuring a much improved scenery editor, full 64 bit compatibility and ton of bugfixes

— A free update to Las Vegas airport scenery, featuring the new Terminal 3 and Control Tower, and SODE jetways

— Updated Installers for all FSDT products to work in Prepar3D V4

— An entirely new Live Update system, which can update all products automatically in one go, over fast AWS servers

— A big SALE on all products, to celebrate our entering in the 64 bit era:

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