AEROSOFT — CRJ 700/900 v 1.0.10 Rev 269

Очень много изменений в обновленной версии самолета. Список под спойлером.


1.0.10 Rev 269

— [Fixed] Fuel/Time calculation updating on legs with ToC/ToD

— [Fixed] MFD SAT/TAT indications no longer locked to -14/-28

— [Fixed] Late turn to new direct leg

— [Checked] DME Autotune update (no issue found)

— [Fixed] Wrong CoG/trim calculation for CRJ-900

— [Fixed] CTD when holding is part of the flightplan

— [Fixed] (DIR) not commanding a turn (turn condition not met)

— [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on LEGS page (PBD, PBPB, ATD, Lat/Lon, Lat/Lon shorthand)

— [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on DEFINE PILOT WPT page (PBD, PBPB, Lat/Lon)

— [Added] Loading and saving of named pilot-defined waypoints

— [Changed] Moved userwpt.txt from NavData folder to «AerosoftDigital Aviation CRJ»

— [Added] vPilot support (transponder mode and squawk ident)

— [Added] Center of Gravity indication on DAVE Payload page

— [Added] Takeoff Trim indication on DAVE Payload page

— [Added] Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect by yoke not configurable via DAVE Options page 3/3

— [Fixed] Fuel Used now resets if aircraft is powered down

— [Fixed] Landing time on FLT LOG page

— [Added] MFD HSI/NAV mode glideslope indicator

— [Fixed] AP/APU/XPDR event trigger optimization

— [Fixed] PFD/MFD: VORx/LOCx red and boxed when no signal is received

— [Fixed] (INTC) to DME arc transition

— [Fixed] Improved drawing of DME arc and radius to fix legs

— [Fixed] Further turn radius fine tuning

— [Fixed] Wrong distance and time indication for next waypoint in MFD window

— [Fixed] Yoke issues!


— [Fixed] APU Start in flight

— [Fixed] Turn radius fine tuning

— [Fixed] VNAV and ToD calculations

— [Fixed] Missed Approach procedure calculations

— [Fixed] General distance, time and fuel calculations

— [Added] DAVE: Flaps 20 takeoff speeds option

— [Fixed] 2D Panels: Possible CTD on resizing

— [Fixed] DAVE: Doors reopening when clicking «CLOSED» twice

— [Fixed] TOD Indication in MFD VNAV window (TOD time & distance not correct yet)

— [Fixed] WXR: Increased gain

— [Added] Additional measures against string buffer overflow CTDs

— [Removed] Crash Handler

— [Fixed] FMS: NAV Tracking

— [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on directs

— [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on legs with ToC/ToD

— [Fixed] HGS: FD indication

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