VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 крупное обновление до версии 2.1

Обновился самолет для X-Plane. Очень много изменений, и исправлений ошибок. Подробнее под спойлером.

“The VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project V2.1 – UPDATE LOG:

  • fmod implementation:
    • fmod project for the VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab is COMPLETED, and is planned to be included in V2.1.
    • Backwards compatibility remains – standard sounds folder will be remained. To disable fmod, simply rename its directory.
    • fmod sounds will continue to improve and expand side by side the the whole project.
    • Standard sounds of the initial release version will include:
      • Engines and Props with multiple laters for various rpm and distance from the engines.
      • Engine startup and post startup low rpm sounds.
      • Switches and knobs.
      • Gyro instruments, Booster pumps.
      • Gears, Flaps.
      • Ambiance (wind) and turbulence during normal flight.
      • Ground roll, tire screech.
      • Vocal Annunciation for mixture control (auto rich, auto lean).
      • Vocal Annunciation for tail wheel (locked, unlocked).
      • Vocal Annunciation for autopilot (engaged/disengaged).
      • Overhead Electric fans.
    • The standard sounds will expand gradually on a pre-planned and user-request basis.
  • Textures workaround:
    • Entire interior texture workaround project had started, soon to be determined what will go into v2.1
  • 3D Modeling:
    • Cockpit compartment – internal cockpit curtains removed, back wall of cockpit compartment is now featuring the same textures as the whole inter-cockpit covering. This configuration allows a more ‘clean’ cockpit environment, as a preparation for the freight/cargo update (current under development).
    • Cockpit Escape hatch (internal part) modeled.
    • Windshield wipers – working in opposite directions (fix).
    • Magnetic compass (on top of front panel) is now hinged with rubber-wires, as seen on many DC-3’s out there.
    • Seat, Yokes and pedals fine-tune to fix minor alignment issue.
    • Right hand windshield wiper re-alignment to work in an opposite direction to the left hand wiper.
    • Overhead electric fans – Added two (pilot/co-pilot).
    • Added co-pilot comm box for comfortable right seat operations.
    • Added two radio-microphones.
    • Added two overhead loudspeakers. 
  • Systems:
    • GNS 530 pop-up window instead of the GNS 430.
    • Landing lights intensity adjusted (brighter).”

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