iBlueYonder идёт в X-Plane 11.

iBlueYonder недавно решил создавать сцены для X-Plane 11. Minute Man (6B6) будет их дебютной сценой для этого симулятора. В ближайшее время ожидаем релиз.

We’ve been quietly working behind the scenes for several weeks to convert our FSX/P3D sceneries to X-Plane 11. You might have seen this post about the Heron’s Nest, which is essentially ready to go and will be uploaded soon, and now the Hundred Dollar Burger series is much closer to XP release as well.

We have to say, the combination of this airport with X-Planes beautiful graphics makes a stunning pairing indeed! Here’s the current state of Minute Man (6B6)…

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