FS2Crew: MAJESTIC DASH 8 Q400 обновление до V3.3

Вышло обновление для FS2Crew: MAJESTIC DASH 8 Q400, новую версию 3.3 берём в личном кабинете магазина.  Как обычно удалять ничего не нужно, просто запускаем новый инсталлятор.

CHANGE LOG:Version 3.3

1. FO’s After Landing Flow: FO will no longer turn off window heat to prevent fogging.

2. FS2Crew will close the doors during the FO’s Before Start flow for those of you who do not want to run the Pre Flight Events.

3. If the APU is needed at Gate arrival (as set on the Approach Brief), the FO will turn on the APU Generator when the «Engine #1 Start Feather» command is made.

4. If the aircraft is detected as being outside Canada or the US, the FO will skip the Altimeters challenge in the Descent Checklist. This was a big request from our European users, and I’m happy to say we did it!

5. FO will no longer say «All right» when asked for the After Landing Checklist. Instead, he will say «ok». This was a user request.

6. During the Parking Checklist, the FO will now correct you if the Emergency Exit Light switch is not off.

7. FO will select ALT SEL again after pushing GA during his Before Start flow.

8. TCAS and Wx Radar Test during the Pre-Flight Events improved.

9. After Landing flow: The FO will no longer select Doors until you’ve called Engine 1 Start Feather. This allows you to read the Ground Speed during taxi. With this feature, we’re deviating from the airline SOPs we modeled, but in the interests of usability we decided to implement it.

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