Bombardier Challenger 300 v2 Captain Edition XP11

Обновили популярный и в принципе неплохой бизнесджет под X-Plane 11. Список обновлений под спойлером и там же больше картинок

— tuned flight model, engines, fuel consumption, autopilot
— VR basic support : manipulators and teleport spots
— 4096 textures for the cockpit and the cabin
— reflection materials to the cockpit and the cabin
— rain effect
— cabin TV slideshow
— mouse wheel control for all knobs
— commands for popup panels
— internal engine sound volume control
— com1 and com2 radios audio can be heared at the same time
— APU BLEED ALT LIMIT cas message
— airspeed instrument ias/mach tape, minimum 45 knots indication
— support for Terrain Radar plugin —
— option to hide/show cockpit glass
— external click spot for opening main door from outside
— new check marks in the options menu
— changed logic of 3-pos switches
— SASL plugin updated to v2.5.1
— updated manual

— hydraulics logic
— APU logic
— engines start up time made bigger
— engines reverse spoolup time made smaller
— nav map range indication
— faster pressurization rates
— removed knobs ratchet sound

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