Сегодня новый инсталлятор ушел на SimMarket. Ждем рассылки и обновляемся 😉.

Изменения под спойлером, а также корректный способ для обновления написан. По отзывам от бета-тестеров сильно поправили фпс при динамическом свете (в лучшую сторону конечно-же). p.s за подсказку спасибо Aleks_Balagur

— fixed random CTD selecting a DTO INT in the FMS.
— fixed random CTD selecting SID/START in the FMS.
— fixed missing waypoints on FMS.
— fixed jetway not attaching correctly to the main exit door.
— fixed issue when defining ’toggle’ custom keyboard/joystick events.
— fixed minor issues on external model’s attach points and mapping.
— increased size of the Load Manager UI for 4K desktops.
— added support for vPilot/SB4 (via SimConnect).
— fixed LOC approach.

How to upgrade:
First, go to the load manager and in the Setup page select ‘Registration’.

Click on the ‘Reset’ button, this will deactivate your copy in our servers allowing a new reinstall.

Uninstall the current version using the uninstaller provided (inside your documents folder), or from the control panel in Windows -> program and features.

If the uninstaller fails:

Fly the Maddog X installation routine only create files and folders inside <Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\MaddogX> which basically contains the aircraft, and <Documents\Maddog X Files> which cointains all the other files needed. If the uninstaller fails, you can manually delete those folder.

Install this new release, and register it in the Setup page in the load manager, ‘Registration’ tab.

If you get an error during activation, submit us a ticket in our Support Ticket System choosing the ‘Request activation unlock’ to unlock the key link.

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