JARDesign-JD330 V3 официальный релиз

Закончились бета-тесты и состоялся официальный выпуск JARDesign-JD330 V3. Владельцам старой версии для X-Plane 11 обновление бесплатно.

Main improvement — new FMGS, based on C++ (instead of SASL & basic X-Plane FMS)

new features:
+ compatible with GHDeluxe v.040118
+ new MCDU MENU functions (you can operate with Ground Handling, Doors, Loading, Tow)
+ operate settings via MCDU MENU
+ separate Ground Handling operation (MCDU MENU -> Handling, next — select neeeded cars and click Drive Up)
+ MCDU movable widget (click on 3D MCDU or use Command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu)
+ ND non-movable widget (click on ND)
+ Save coRoute flightplan using MCDU DATA -> Click right Arrow -> Pilots ROUTES, enter name and click SAVE
+ takeoff with heading preset
+ ND && MCDU indication and functions reworked
+ follow Speed Constraints
+ add instant flightplan generator

!!! no X-Plane plugins/330/ menu exist more, please set command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu for some keyboard key and use MCDU MENU to operate ground handling.

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