Aerosoft Airbus SP3 – ожидаем 9го апреля


На форуме Aerosoft появилась информация по грядущему SP3 на сабжевый самолёт. Список изменений весьма внушителен, его изучаем под катом. На а сам SP, как вы уже прочитали в заголовке, ждём 9го апреля. За новость спасибо Aleksey и kides7.

Magnetic Variation affecting radial fixed.
FIX INFO radius waypoint insertion fixed.
Some HOLD problems fixed.
INIT B/FUEL PRED TRIP/RSV/FINAL/EXTRA problems mostly fixed.
Basic HOLD functionalities added.
Radial In functionalities added.
Place/Bearing Custom Waypoint ability added.
LOC APP problems fixed.
CD Leg misplacing fixed.
PROG CRZ Page wrong MACH value in SELECTED fixed.
CTD when using OFFSET and ABEAM fixed.
Pseudo Arrows suppressed when in GS Mode.
ATHR severe overshoot of target on level off fixed.
ATHR oscillation on ALT CRZ level off fixed.
SELECTED mode flying reworked.

CTD fixes when using TERR ON ND/WXR.
Performance improvements in all modes.
Errorlog enhanced: Filename was not passed correct to error log message if copying of „MCDUFPLData.txt“ to „MCDUFPLData.cpy“ should fail.
Ground clutter optics improved at all range settings
Detection of TURBULENCEs integrated:
“WX” : normal precipitation detection
“WX+T” : normal precipitation detection + turbulence overlay
“TURB” : turbulence only
“MAP” : optimized display of ground clutter, receiver sensitivity for precipitation is decreased, no turbulence info
Improvement of precipitation/turbulence prediction.
WX display cone gaps in case of heavy system load fixed.
Possible stuttering prevented fixed.
Some error logging suppressed for normal operation. Will now only be output to log file when WXBackgroundScanProto=1 is set in AB_ND_GDI.ini.

A321 Overhead FUEL Panel fixed.
Most Click spot direction solved.

“Experimental” ground FDE now default.
Updated ground friction model based on latest data/observations.
A319 IAE engine data modified with new data.
A319 and A320 IAE/CFM takeoff performance tweaked.
ENG AI IDLE N1 Modulation Added.
Approach Idle Modulation Added.

Lateral FD bar before NAV active fixed.
C Chord Master Warning silencer added.
Center Pump one sided feed leading to fuel imbalance.
APU fuel consumption of 130KG/H added.

Connected Flight Deck (CFD):
New feature, experimental. See Release Notes.
FO Tiller Disc/Table enabled.

Display mistakes corrected / design enhanced
Bitmaps replaced by Fonts (more clear picture)

Display mistakes corrected / design enhanced
Bitmaps replaced by Fonts (more clear picture)

Checklist / Copilot:
ECAM Instruction – BRAKE TOO HOT: Values changed to 150/100°
Before Takeoff CL accepts brake temperature of <150° – if brake fans are ON
Approach Speed Restrictions – FINAL CL – Landing Memo – <160 kts added as condition
AES/GSX und AFTER START CL: Timing aligned
High Altitude Airports: LS engaged at transition altitude

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Increased the user input processing performance in cockpit MCDU and in webserver (AirbusXConnect)
Optimization (performance etc) on interprocess communication with webserver

Added Volume Control for Ground Crew
Fix Reset CG Value to 26 when closing LOAD/FUEL Page
Save / Load User States have been deleted because of new complete Save/Load function
FS used has to be defined for display of Infobar in P3D
Renamed Menu AES Push to AES/GSX Push
Infobar text changed to “Follow AES/GSX Instructions”
Pushback: Distance set to minimum value = 9m

New Nose Wheel Brakes Sound

Save and Load Flight Function:
It is now possible to save a complete flight (situation and aircraft state – including both MCDU settings) just with one click. Just use the FS-menu function to save as well as load the complete flight.
All missing data is now being loaded: CRZALT, flight phase, THS, THR RED/ACC , LDGCONF, flaps, ZFW, BlockFuel, V1, Vr, V2, TransAlt, DepTransAlt, FlxTemp, VAPP, MDA, MDH, QNH; RWYALT, RWYHDG, RWYGSANGLE; ADF1/ADF2, VOR1/VOR2/ILS1, RadialIn parameters.

Vol6 StepbyStep Guide:
WXR – Turbulences added (2.1.3)
Save and Load a flight (3.5)
MCDU – AIRCRAFT USER STATES: Deleted from MCDU2 menu (4.3)
Ground Crew Sound/Calls: Volume to menu added (4.6.1)
MCDU Menu – define FS – P3D Infobar set lower (4.6.2)
CL Config Menü AES Pusback ON/OFF and Infobar: GSX added (4.6.3)
AES/GSX und AFTER START CL: Timing aligned (4.6.3)
Connected Flight Deck (4.9)
Pushback: Distance set to minimum value = 9m (5.7.1 #89)
ECAM Instruction – BRAKE TOO HOT: Values changed to 150/100° (5.10 #149)
Explanations for the use of speedbrakes (5.21 #253)
Use of 2nd Autopilot (5.21 – #256)
Appr. Speed Restr. FINAL CL – Landing Memo – <160 kts added as condition 5.21 #259a)
VECTOR APPROACH and use of DIR TO / RADIAL IN for tutorial flight (6.)

Vol1 In FSX:
Added chapter on Connected Flight Deck
Several small changes

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