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MSFS 2020

Известные разработчики сцен уже и самолеты начали делать. По описанию это дефолт, основанный на 320 который есть в самом симуляторе. Продаваться будет только во встроенном магазине MSFS. Надо оно вам или нет, решайте сами. Наблюдаем рождение новой каренады 😊😊

This package includes over 47 liveries for more than 40 airlines. The vast majority of which representing real world operators of the A321neo, and a few others fictional representations, all with dedicated interior matching the airline with logos and screens.
• Detailed aircraft interior matching each airline, with night lighting, animated passengers, animated cabin crew in all aircraft increasing the immersion while you fly.
• Systems and flight deck are based on the default Asobo A320neo.
• Customs sounds for both PW engine variant and LEAP engine variant
• Custom flight models for the 4 different variants and engine types.
• Wing flex
• Flight dynamics and performance characteristics based on the A321neo
• Customized ground service equipment such as air conditioner, stairs, available whenever ground power is selected and active in ground services.

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