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В общем и целом еще работать и работать над самолетом. Полный текст без перевода под спойлером

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Here’s the next development update covering the 752 200/300, sorry for the delay since the last update. It’s been a busy busy time!

Over the last few months, we have focused a lot on getting the VC animations complete along with working on the FMS ( Flight Management System ) and flight dynamics. The VC animations are 90% complete. However, many switches still need to be integrated into the systems. From the FMS perspective, several pages on the FMC, certain AP functions, Navigation display , PFD are functioning. Without revealing too much it’s worth emphasising that the FMS is a huge priority. After the FMS is complete, we will work on the other systems of the aircraft.

On the exterior model, we have focused mainly on the landing gear. Still a lot of parts left to do but it is coming along nicely. The textures are unchanged from the last update but these are really just placeholder textures. A lot of detailed work is still left to do to really bring the textures to life.

The flight model has received attention too. However, there is much left to do here. We plan on integrating two different flight models. One will be aimed at “easier flying” while the other is aimed at maximum realism within the simulator limitations.

We hope you enjoy these WIP pics and the update has helped to give you an idea of where we are with this pretty enormous project. Thanks for reading.

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