Fenix A320 v

MSFS 2020

Ну что, дождались апдейта? Забирайте 😊. Ух какой чейнджлог огромный

– Lastly, consider taking the extra effort to do a clean install: Start Menu > Searchbar > Add/Remove Programs > find and uninstall Fenix A320. Delete any Fenix folders left in C:\Program Files and C:\Program Data, then run the new .196 installer.

– Наконец, подумайте о том, чтобы приложить дополнительные усилия для чистой установки: «Пуск» > «Панель поиска» > «Установка и удаление программ» > найти и удалить Fenix ​​A320. Удалите все папки Fenix, оставшиеся в C:Program Files и C:Program Data, затем запустите новый установщик .196.


○ Removed legacy display render options
○ Forced default to new display renderer
○ Added checkbox to enable legacy display selection, CPU only
○ Added checkbox to enable display synchronisation
○ Added “?” next to options in order to explain functionality, replacing tooltips
○ Fixed weight and balance discrepancies
○ Updated layout to 180 PAX
○ Updated EFB Map to support AMDB and new Navi Maps
○ Removed loading bars from Map and Charts to facilitate faster load-in
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of PFD encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of ND encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of Upper ECAM encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of Lower ECAM encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of FCU encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Complete rewrite and redrawing of Clock Display encompassing fonts, colours, element size and positioning, matched pixel by pixel to real display.
○ Increased brightness of all displays for better visibility in bright daylight.
○ Rewrote the entire display render pipeline to increase performance, the old display pipeline is still supported but not recommended.
○ Rudder authority retuned system side to provide consistent behavioural output to the user
○ Fixed a bug with aileron ground-to-normal blending law, now correctly blending in 0.5s per the real aircraft
○ Retuned aileron response times during blending
○ Retuned and refined fly-by-wire implementation re Yaw x Roll relationship, the aircraft should now more appropriately compensate for roll moments induced by introducing rudder input
○ Retuned lateral ground friction values in conjunction with the above rudder authority changes to ensure cohesive and consistent lateral control properties
○ Fixed a bug with the fly by wire inhibiting aileron orders being sent when the aircraft was in FLARE mode
○ Reworked spoiler deployment to dump lift faster, ensuring the aircraft settles quickly
○ Rewritten control surface parameters
○ Adjusted gyro and other stability factors in FM
○ Externalised elevator dynamics into system code
○ Implemented proprietary surface deflection and dynamic pressure simulation to elevator code
○ Adjusted aileron handling properties
○ Adjusted aircraft inertia
○ Adjusted elevator-code effectiveness to achieve desired pitch-rate in direct law
○ Adjusted roll rate in raw flightmodel/direct law
○ Rewrote Fly-by-Wire entirely with correct C* Law fundamental philosophy
○ Implemented corrected C* Law mathematics and computations
○ Adjusted data-flow for inputs/outputs used by the fly-by-wire algorithms
○ Adjusted/corrected data bias in C* calculations for different flight states
○ Added dynamic stick mapping as featured on real aircraft based on aircraft state and C* Limits
○ Fixed THS movement being inhibited while stick input is detected
○ Adjusted elevator limits in line with specified limitations on real aircraft in flight
○ Retuned FBW pitch axis for change in elevator
○ Retuned FBW pitch axis for less off-axis snap
○ Retuned FBW roll axis for change in aileron
○ Retuned FBW roll axis for less roll-in snap
○ Generalised AP PID tuning to accommodate large scale changes to flight dynamics
○ Retuned AP PIDs for more response, better behaviour in ALT Capture Modes
○ Retuned AP PIDs for better FD coupling
○ Retuned ATHR for better response and accuracy
○ Corrected FBW load factor limits per system spec
○ Corrected direct law elevator limits, resulting in a slight increase in nose “weight” when rotating
○ Retuned FBW roll compensator for increased precision during roll manoeuvres
○ Retuned FBW pitch compensator for increased precision during speed changes
○ Retuned FLARE mode properties for new flight dynamics
○ Fixed oscillations during substantial pitch manoeuvres
○ Fixed oscillations during 2x simspeed
○ Adjusted FLARE/GROUND flight control unlatch logic and properties
○ Adjusted THS zero logic post touchdown to incorporate correct activation gates
○ Adjusted trim entries in raw flightmodel for better accuracy and post-rotation stability
○ Improved autopilot rudder use for single engine flight (yes, we know, engine model still not good in single engine flight!)
○ Sync’d systems and MSFS icing, icing now works and affects aircraft, anti-ice systems now effective
○ Swapped old nasty TERR out for new shiny PEAK mode TERR
○ Fixed crash in calculation of alternate fuel
○ Fixed MCDU LATREV page crash
○ Fixed spurious ECAM faults when IRS not aligned on ground
○ Fixed issue where ECAM advisories would not call the associated page because other advisories were still active
○ Added blinking ECAM align message for alignment failure
○ Fixed swapped left and centre gear MIP indicators
○ Fixed LNAV CF legs flying too for away before turning inbound
○ Fixed incorrect bleed temp on ECAM for engine 2
○ Fixed inconsistencies in wind data between IRS outputs on hybrid GPIRS system
○ Added DME bias to ILS DME classes and DME calculations
○ Do not change appearance of roll limit indicators in PFD attitude during alpha protection
○ Modified emergency exit signs to use LGCIU signal 12 and fix signs auto mode to use the same signal 12 (tl;dr – gear up ding now study level)
○ Fixed issues with ALTN FUEL/TIME calculation
○ Added clamp for new LNAV CF code to not be called if output is not a correct shortcut
○ Fixed ECAM advisories in single ECAM mode
○ Fixed PPOS on empty FPLN does not maintain the same ID
○ Fixed V/DEV jumps during descent when toggling between selected and managed speed
○ Small modification/clamp to idle descent angle calculation logic, calculations unchanged
○ Adjusted logic to clear active advisories when FWC inop
○ Fixed some DX12 bugs/crashes
○ Smoothed out aileron droop to align with flap extension
○ Fixed an issue where VNAV did not properly calculate distances, causing routing issues (EGCC23R/SONEX1R)
○ Make sure CLB or DES prompt appears when altitude constraint entered directly on FPLN page in cruise phase
○ Fixed an issue where some descend altitude constraints could be missed
○ Fixed ECAM CRUISE engine data not showing advisories for vibration data
○ When engine not running, display eng limit according to thrust lever position
○ Engine pressure indication should show values in increments of 2
○ Adjusted parking brake pressure
○ Added start valve not closed ECAM procedure
○ Improved conditions for detecting start valve faults
○ Fixed L/G not down ECAM message during go around with MCT thrust
○ Allow spoiler panel control on the ground
○ Fixed alpha floor engaging only at alpha max
○ Fixed FADEC fault displayed as engine failure
○ Fixed traffic indication on ND should not have the alt delta be affected by QNH setting (VATSIM fix)
○ Rewrote DECEL pseudo waypoint generation algorithm
○ Fixed SEC F-PLN distance calculation bug
○ Fixed issue with FCU alt being replaced by CST alt on RNAV approaches, despite FCU alt > CST alt
○ Keep departure runway visible on ND
○ Added lavatory smoke failure
○ Fixed null pointer exception (autoflight)
○ Added an extra alt constraint check after construction of the idle descend path to detect any missed constraints that were created due to the idle descend computation
○ Fix crash in descend validation (VNAV)
○ Fixed flight control surface droop while HYD failure active during flight, added new simulation for unpowered surfaces while in the air
○ Added new and improved autopilot asymmetric thrust rudder controller for single engine flight
○ Fixed and latched FLARE FMA on long/floated landings, should no longer revert to V/S and Heading
○ VATSIM TCAS fix… again (limitation as of current is users with different simulators appearing at different altitudes due to the differences in the way different simulators calculate/handle pressure)
○ Modified reversion from DES/CLB & OPEN DES/OPEN CLB when FCU altitude increased/decreased to above/below aircraft actual altitude
○ Fixed erroneous FMA indications during climb when current altitude exceeds next WPT climb alt
○ Removed custom ground friction code
○ Fixed reversal of FWC to master warning upper/lower annunciator connections
○ Added new transition selection logic, to autoselect transition if only 1 is available
○ Added discontinuity to route drawing if approach is selected, and two or more transitions exist but are NOT selected
○ Added VNAV calculations for speed and altitude in SEC FPLN
○ Set auto-TCAS off by default
○ LBS ZFW entry box corrected to 3 boxes instead of 2
○ PFD indications with ADIRS off have been fixed
○ ENTER DEST DATA message logic corrected, should no longer trigger for no minima
○ OPT FL on PROG page logic fixed, should now depend correctly on INIT A + B
○ FAC autotest extended simulation added, to be refined further
○ FMGC autotest extended simulation added, to be refined further
○ Incorrect TOD calculation when an early and high alt restriction is input fixed
○ FMS approach page, “º” symbol disappears after inserting temperature value fixed
○ PFD FD in FMA has incomplete symbology, missing “1 FD -” and “- FD 2” types, now fixed.
○ 1FD2 on PFD Logic Error, 1FD2 shown on PFD while FAC 1+2 are tripped, fixed.
○ Panel 50VU, APU TEST lights up wrong lights, now triggers APU FIRE LOOP
○ Caging always puts the STBY horizon to the correct attitude, fixed.
○ EGPWS functions available with LOW NAV Accuracy now fixed, should no longer provide enhanced coverage when nav accuracy is low
○ OPT FL available on the progress page with no data inserted, fixed
○ ADIRS Test Behaviour refined
○ CHECK IRS/AIRPORT POS and REF/GPS POS DIFF MCDU messages missing refined further
○ Corrected SOFT CRZ activation parameters w.r.t timing lockout
○ Airway Entry page should no longer auto-scroll
○ Improved Metric/Imperial unit standardisation, Fahrenheit (ew) added to duct and cabin temp readouts
○ Enroute VORs should no longer double display on ND
○ Fixed random decelerations and speed reversions in VNAV
○ Rewritten descent vertical submode switching logic according to speed margins and descent segment (early/pressurisation, idle, geometric)
○ Redefined criteria for VNAV over/under speed and speed margins
○ Changed logic for speed targets in DES (VUM/VLM/Vprof, Vhold, etc)
○ During LGCIU 1+2 fault, APs are now added to inactive systems
○ “Altitude waypoints” should no longer display altitude CSTR on ND
○ Corrected ND symbology when TO waypoint with MANUAL LEG
○ L/DEV showing on non RNP AR SIDs (temp fix – have removed them, but waiting on better data from Navigraph to ID RNP ARs on SIDs before adding them for <0.3nm cases)
○ “ATA” or first time on the FPLN page should now show in large font on MCDU
○ Corrections to FMA logic w.r.t armed modes during descent
○ L/DEV and V/DEV scales on PFD for NPAs should appear once approach phase activated in MCDU, not APPR PB on FCU.
○ Corrected FCU 1+2 Fault under LAND mode to inhibit loss of APs/FDs/FMA
○ Corrected landing capability freeze below 100ft RA
○ SEC 1+2+3 Fault Direct Law condition corrected to Flap Handle input
○ FMGC predictions now work without IRS aligned
○ Corrected EWD memo for TLA not in idle during start
○ Fixed issue with incorrect speed targets being fed to MCDU during DES
○ Fixed Hydraulic failure/off ACCU PRESS logic on HYD page
○ Adjustment to speed change/magenta markers logic
○ Corrected FOB amber box
○ Fixed holds with trackCode HM should not show as MANUAL in the MCDU, correct layout now built
○ Improved guidance in DES mode
○ Improved F-G/S and DES in APPR phase logic
○ Added CONF2+ condition for switching to G/A phase by TLA position
○ Fixed null battery data causing a crash in displays
○ Prevented incorrect selection of FCU speed
○ Returned belowProfile as an overspeed recovery option
○ Improved DES in approach phase VPath speed logic
○ Adjusted reversions for DES and F-G/S modes in approach
○ Fixed incorrect distance map causing VNAV errors
○ Adjusted XPNDR edit logic, entry inhibited when 4 digit entry present
○ Adjusted A/THR FMA mode display – cancelled IDLE msg override by the actual EWD
○ During ANN LIGHT TEST, ATC Panel digits corrected to ‘8888’
○ Corrected IRS/GPS data mixing during startup flow, inhibiting NAV ACCUR UPGRAD message during aircraft power-up
○ Attempted to reduce nose-down moment on touchdown by correcting FLARE logic control bias post-touchdown
○ Inhibited V/S during pushback manoeuvres
○ Added logic to CABIN READY memo, now occurs randomly during taxi-out and approach – in order to expedite, push CALL BUTTON
○ Fixed incorrect EPE that showed when no data was available, it is now dashed if no EPE is computed
○ DES guidance will now always honour the alt CST in holdings and FCU alt even if no level-off flag is set.
○ Fixed and connected both LP valve power sources to fire buttons
○ Fixed issue with DES not dashing MCDU PROG CRZ alt.
○ Added automatic assignment of CRZ ALT if none inserted on takeoff
○ Change FCU ALT > CRZ ALT, CRZ FL Update in MCDU behaviour to correct spec
○ Fixed FCU Alt > CRZ Alt not updating in PFD
○ Fixed “IRS IN ALIGN” should always show the “Greater Than 7” Symbol when time to align is equal to 7 Minutes or more.
○ Disabled Brake Temps simulation when NWS Disconnected
○ Removed Sidestick Realistic Option.
○ Fixed setting Thrust Levers to TOGA with Engines Off causes both Avionics Ventilation In and Outlet to close. Should stay open with Engines Off.
○ Fixed MCDU INIT B FUEL PRED page bug when cold and dark
○ Fixed “IRS MONITOR” on the MCDU shows time to align double.
○ Fixed VNAV bug with block altitude restriction targeting wrong alt
○ Cockpit & displays made brighter during the day and at higher altitudes
○ Slight texture cleanup to reduce level of wear in cockpit
○ Cabin & galley optimisations (increase in performance noted in testing)
○ Engine start and shutdown sound logic improved (no more start noises when wind-milling with the master switch on)
○ Buzzsaw improved (especially during climb/cruise)
○ N2 whine reworked in all phases of flight
○ Engine inlet airflow noise improved
○ Cockpit wind rebuilt to be 3D with better recordings
○ Cabin packs sample improved
○ AEVC volume in cockpit adjusted
○ Exterior sound volume levelling
○ Exterior doppler effect added
○ Rear cabin soundset returns
○ Call Buttons enabled/working
○ Gear retraction recording improved
○ Gear wind noise improved
○ Optimisation of the soundset (lower memory/CPU cost)
○ Spoiler drag noise improved
○ EXPED is a magic space button. Not behaving correctly at the moment.
○ AP roll is a little too snappy on certain occasions
○ Pitch FD bar coupling could be better
○ DIR TO with no FROM/TO entries causes crashes

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