MSFS 2020

А вот и обещанный сценарий Хитрого аэропорта — столицы Великобритании

Готовьте 5 Гб свободного места и EUR 23.99

  • Подробности
    • 80+ custom modelled and textured POIs and buildings in and out of the airport boundary with accurate PBR texturing.
    • 10,000+ custom iniScene car models scattered throughout parking lots outside of the airport boundary.
    • Aggressive performance saving methods featuring LOD model optimization (Level of Detail) and meticulous optimization where possible throughout the scenery.
    • Full Xbox compatibility and optimization when purchased on the Microsoft Store for Xbox.*
    • 5 accurately-placed jetway variations with realistic PBR texturing and animations.
    • Hand-made ground polygons featuring custom decals, dirt, taxi lines and ground markings.
    • Over 430 custom made and hand placed taxi signs dotted throughout the airfield as in the real world.
    • Main airport landsides with ground markings and lighting faithfully re-created.
    • British Airways Concorde G-BOAB faithfully recreated and on-display before runway 27L.
    • Over 2,500 individually placed accurately colour toned airport lights scattered around the terminals.
    • Accurate logos and real-world decals scattered throughout the airport to promote a true to life feeling.
    • Custom-created, accurate and known landside points of interest such as the landmark
    • Emirates A380 and Turkish Airlines roundabouts.
    • Hand-corrected, colour accurate ortho imagery.
    • Hand-placed bespoke ground service equipment at each gate featuring over 2,000+ containers, 2,000+ cargo dollies and a plethora of various static equipment.
    • Animated points of interest including radio towers and construction cranes.

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