Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 1.2.10

Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 1.2.10

15.04.2020 0 Автор Алексей

Ну все, заживем. В этот сим завезли А320 NEO. Изменений в новой версии достаточно много. Сейчас докачаю, посмотрим что там и как

:arrow_right: New Content

  • Airbus A320 NEO Is now cleared for takeoff!

:arrow_right: Airports

  • Airport Life improvements
  • Bug fixing
  • Addition of Tarmac workers in airports
  • Improved parking spot settings based on plane types
  • Improved ground service vehicles visuals and behaviors
  • Air Traffic behaviors improvement
  • Performance impact fixed
  • Ground service vehicles can be used/called through ATC
  • Baggage loader
  • Ground power Unit
  • Passenger boarding ramp
  • Fuel Truck
  • Catering Truck
  • Airport area elevation improvement in generic airports

:arrow_right: Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

Performance and stability changes

:arrow_right: Peripherals

Changes made to UI allowing users to save/load assignment mapping easier

:arrow_right: UI/UX

  • Traffic nameplates no longer obscure other players
  • Installation issues/Duplicate packages fixed

:arrow_right: Installation

  • Fixed installation issues with duplicate files/not removing old directories

:stop_sign: Known issues A320 :stop_sign:


  • Approach speed bug and values are missing from the speed tape
  • Direct to waypoints display does not match reality on ND and in MCDU
  • Flight director blinks regularly
  • Flight director can be off on final approach
  • Traffic display on ND cannot be disabled
  • ILS nav beacons are not displayed in the MCDU flight plan section
  • Radar altimeter callouts report altitude approximately 10 feet higher than they should
  • The flight plan overlay symbols can be drawn at incorrect position
  • Radio frequencies don’t update following ATC window set frequencies
  • Direct to doesn’t display DIR destination on PFD
  • Scale is not correct for flight path drawing between NAV and ARC modes on PFD
  • PFD shows ETA in local time rather than ZULU time
  • FMA auto thrust mode during take off can show wrong information
  • Only Fuel and Engine synoptic displays are implemented

Flight management and guidance system

  • RNAV and VOR DME procedures are displayed in MCDU but are not yet supported
  • VOR indicators don’t work
  • LOC mode doesn’t work
  • Expedite mode is not implemented
  • FMGC does not take into account selected speed in MCDU as in reality
  • In MCDU departure runway cannot be selected without also selecting a SID
  • TRK/FPA mode is not implemented
  • MCDU “VIA airways” feature is not implemented
  • Mach/IAS automatic switch at high altitude is not fully working
  • MCDU performance approach phase automatic triggering happens too early during approach
  • Top of climb and descent must be more precisely calculated and displayed
  • Selected runway via the world map can be different from the one in the MCDU
  • Altitude constraints are implemented but not yet fully functional
  • Autoland is not implemented
  • Both autopilots cannot be selected at the same time
  • CAT 3 ILS is displayed in the FMA with only one AP enabled
  • Missed approach altitude cannot be set in MCDU during approach
  • Engaging managed mode for heading can cause unexpected aircraft behaviors
  • The selected and managed options cannot be selected in the MCDU
  • Backcourse navigation is not implemented
  • LVL CLB message in FMA should blink and not be framed when passing thrust reduction altitude

Other systems

  • Engine oil pressure is too high
  • Engine oil quantity is too high and does not change as N1 increases
  • External power is not available while the plane is on a parking spot
  • Air pressure displayed while starting engines is too low
  • Weather radar tilt cannot be changed
  • TCAS and TARA are not implemented
  • Transponder code needs to be cleared before another code can be set
  • ADIRS is not implemented
  • Battery voltage should decrease when turning on multiple systems while operating on Battery


  • The APU bleed sound is too quiet
  • Thrust levers detents can be impossible to hear when using some peripherals
  • The master warning sound does not match reality


  • A placard is missing on the rudder pedals
  • Some tooltips are missing

:stop_sign: Known issues General :stop_sign:

  • Some jetways are misplaced at airports
  • Black stripes can be visible on the side of different world tiles
  • Trees sometimes overlap with buildings
  • There are missing buildings in Chicago-O’Hare airport
  • There are missing buildings in Frankfurt am Main Airport
  • FPS tends to drop after the end of a loading sequence
  • FPS tends to drops during intro cutscenes
  • There are possible FPS drops when moving the camera around the plane
  • Objectives can fail to show any inputs if they were previously cleared by the user under Controls
  • Panels previously undocked from the toolbar can appear enable on any Activity
  • There are issues with the TTS voice on the Take-off Flight Training when using the Female Voice
  • The TTS voice during the Take Off Flight Training audio and subtitles are mismatched
  • We still display some debug subtitle-text with TTS audio on the Landing Flight Training
  • Planes can teleport 900 – 5000 FT above when returning to freeflight from any Landing Challenge
  • The ‘‘Apply the Brakes’’ objective fails to get completed after the player applies the brakes during that Landing Tutorial
  • Objectives can break using the despawn /respawn at the start of the Take Off Flight Training
  • The TBM930 engine shuts down after a teleport
  • Intermittent weather bug that can sometimes create unrealistic gusting winds, more likely to hit this when the user changes settings mid-session.
  • HUEN main buildings are not spawning
  • Autopilot can become inoperable when switching between Vertical Speed and Altitude in All Aircrafts.
  • Switching instructor models mid flight (in tutorials) will not switch the instructor voices.
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