Microsoft Flight Simulator – Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Version

13.10.2020 2 Автор Aleksey

Выдали Microsoft Flight Simulator – Version, список ниже, процедура как обычно, сначала в магазине, потом в самой игре. От себя посоветую сразу загрузить свежую версию  A32NX-master, тоже сегодня обновили.


  • The VFR map should no longer crash the title during a flight
  • Avionic screens or buttons in the cockpit should no longer be turned off randomly (ghost cockpit)
  • Crashes related to the use of the Smart cam have been fixed


  • Navblue navigation data has been updated


  • Version history is now properly displayed in the Marketplace and Content manager
  • The multiple simultaneous downloads in the content manager are better handled to prevent crashes or freezes
  • The packages downloaded through the content manager should now be correctly loaded without requiring a reboot of the title
  • The airport icons in the world map have been slightly modified


  • Auto Pilot pitch oscillation has been reduced on some planes


  • Multiplayer has been deactivated in the Japan Discovery Flight


  • Quality of life updates for the marketplace


  • Autogen buildings height has been reviewed
  • TIN luminance (Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Yokohama)
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