MSFS 2020

Кто летал на MD-11 от PMDG, думаю эту модель сочтет аркадной. Но что выросло, то выросло. Модель для P3D звезд с неба не хватала, но будем надеяться. В любом случае нам TFDI DESIGN обещали аналогичный самолет, и там будет все сильно лучше.

EUR 57.00

• State of the art replica of the aircraft.
• 4 different models.
• GE CF6-80
-• PW PW4460
• GE CF6-80
• PW PW4460

• MSFS native custom decals.
• Dynamic flexible wings.
• High resolucion textures.
• 3D Fan Blades.
• MSFS native icing effects.
• Physically Based Rendering (PBR) TEXTURES.
• Fully operational 3-position landing lights (retracted, extended off and extended on).
• Every detail of the aircraft is accurately modeled.
• 3D modeled Pitots, Static probes, Static ports.
• Operational wipers (4 positions Park-Int-Slow-Fast).
• Animated thrust reversers.


• Cargo loaders.
• MSFS interactive points support.
• Catering, Stairs and Fuel Trucks.


• Engines Cowlings.
• Landing gear Doors.
• Tail Cone.
• Wx Radar.


• Flight Dynamics tested by real airline pilots and performance based on many real-world comparisons.
• Fully reliable in flight, performance and climb manuals.
• Perfectly simulated weight and Balance according to the weight and balance manual.



-Integral Lights.
-Flood Lights- FCP, PANEL-PEDESTAL and Overhead.
-Floors Light, BriefCase, Map and Dome Lights.
• Realistic high resolution baked textures.
• Highly detailed, fully operational and animated virtual cockpit.
• Captain’s and First Officer’s windows, accurately modeled and animated with their mechanisms.
• All switches, handles, screws, bolts and knobs are modeled in 3D.
• Animated Main/Service exit doors and cargo bay doors.
• Transparent and Reflective windows.
• Sun shades.
• Movable sun screens.
• Hundreds of animations, almost every part of the VC that can move, will move.


• Engine Sounds.
• The sound package is fully native MSFS, taking full advantage of all new features.
• Complete Engine sound package, recorded during engine run test, outside and inside the aircraft.
• GPWS, warning and Caution sounds.
• Virtual Copilot Sounds.
• Takeoff configuration and warnings sounds.


• All systems with AUTO and Manual Mode.


• Complete Pneumatic System with Auto and Manual mode.
• Fully simulated Air conditioning system.
• Cockpit and cabin temperature control.
• Fully simulated pressurization system.


• Fully Operational APU.
• Realistic start and shutdown procedures.


• Multiple autopilot modes.
-Pitch- Hold, PROF/VNAV (FMS), FLC, Altitude Hold, Altitude Select, Vertical Speed, Glideslope and GA.
-Speed- Hold, Select and FMS Speed.
-Roll- VOR, LOC, HDG Hold, HDG Sel and HOLD and LNAV(FMS).
-Realistic FMA annunciation.


• VHF COMM with so called MD-11 head systems with VHF1, CHF2, VHF3, HF1, and HF2.
• NAV and ADF managed by the FMC.
• Audio management.


• Fully simulated Electrical system, AC and DC systems.
• Automatic or manual Electric management.
• Multiple power sources (Engines, GPU or APU).
• Operational Ground power.


• Operative Flight Management Computer FMC.
• Lateral Navigation (LNAV) Integrated with NAV function.
• Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Integrated with PROF and FMS SPEED function.
• Thrust management.
• Up-to-date AIRAC cycles (via MSFS database).
• SID and STAR.


• Fully operational fuel system.
• Automatic or manual fuel management (Tranfer, Cross-feed and burn scheduling.
• CG management via fuel transfer according to scheduling tables.
• Realistic scheduling of fuel load and fuel consumption.


• Fully simulated hydraulic system.
• Three engine driven hydraulic systems with fully simulated reversible motor pumps.
• ADG and electric back-up system.
• Automatic or manual Hydraulic management.
• Direct interaction with aircraft control surfaces and components as a function of the existing pressure.



There are two EFBs that will help manage the fuel, payload, doors and ground equipment.
• Set fuel quantity according to fuel schedule.
• Adjust the payload in the cabin and cargo holds (passenger and cargo configurations).
• Monitor CG for proper weight and balance.
• Control each door, maintenance mode and ground equipment.


• Flight operations manual.
• Checklist PDF.
• Speeds PDF.
• Multiple indoor and outdoor camera presets.
• MSFS native and interactive Checklist.



•Delta Airlines
•Garuda Indonesia
•Japan Airlines
•Korean Air
•Saudi Arabia
•Thai Airways
•EVA Air
•Korean Air Cargo
•Western Global


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