DynamicLOD – обновление 0.3.6


Обновилась крайне полезная утилита для MSFS 2020. Теперь она может автоматически управлять качеством облаков, дабы не уронить ваши драгоценные FPS 😀 Остальные изменения под спойлером.

список изменений
• Changed app name so as not to create confusion between Fragtality’s and my versions.
• Added separate TLOD and OLOD minimum values for FPS adaption.
• Added a decrease cloud quality by one level lower option for FPS Adaption with a user definable recovery FPS buffer.
• Added a delay start to FPS Adaption to stop it false triggering with a transient FPS drop.
• Added auto saving and restoring of TLOD, OLOD and cloud quality settings, individually for both PC and VR modes.
• Added experimental detection code which shows whether PC or VR mode is currently active and only respective sim values for that mode are shown.
• Added config file auto restoration if original is deleted from app root directory.
• Updated the UI to revise the display of Sim Values. Red means FPS Adaption is active, orange means LOD stepping is active.
• Streamlined logging entries.
• Refreshed default config file.
• Removed redundant Reduce on pairs/indices setting for FPS adaption option.
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