PMDG обновили 737 для MSFS SU12


Стыдно Роберт, сты-дно!!! (3 раза) 😒. Да, мы все понимаем что у вас замечательные самолеты, но вот уже в апреле Asobo в сим добавят ATR42/72-600, это будет новая продуктовая линейка «Expert Series», и в нем будет рабочий EFB. А вы все вокруг да около ходите и все никак 🤣

Лог по изменениям
0012039: [FMS – Functionality Problems (General)] Pressing CRZ cancels ENG OUT Cruise Page (emvaos)
0012307: [Main Panel – PFD] 600/700 Flap speed limits w/ short field package (emvaos)
0012319: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] HDG/TRK until distance waypoint calculation enhanced (emvaos)
0012080: [General – Engines] Initial EGT on panel state load on ground with engines off (emvaos)
0012081: [FMS – Performance Pages] Fuel report error between FMS and actual readjusted (emvaos)
0012095: [FMS – Performance Pages] Automatic CLB->CRZ N1 limit switch upon AFS vertical mode change as appropriate (emvaos)
0011856: [FMS – Performance Pages] Reservers should be able to accept 0 as a value (emvaos)
0011610: [Main Panel – EICAS Display Issues] Fuel Display shoud show only one 0 when tank is empty. (emvaos)
0012130: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Auto DES FORECAST request with CRZ wind request (emvaos)
0012136: [FMS – Performance Pages] Pack Switch / APU Bleed N1 Value calculated wrong (emvaos)
0011893: [General – Engines] Target N1 increase/split with Packs off/Bleed off condition (emvaos)
0011646: [FMS – Performance Pages] RTE WIND data can be entered without PERF INIT EXEC’d (still needs CRZ ALT) (emvaos)
0011137: [Main Panel – PFD] MCP altitude set to zero should only show four zeros rather than five (emvaos)
0011398: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Cold and Dark EGT loads at 350 degrees (emvaos)
0011922: [Systems – Air Conditioning/Heating] Enhancement of BLEED/PACK/ISOL VLV switch logic for TO/GA N1 limit boost (emvaos)
0010649: [Main Panel – PFD] G/S forced to arm if ILS APP defined in FMC and correct frequency set even if temporarily FS reports no GS (due to distance) (emvaos)
0010971: [FMS/AFDS – VNAV] Automatic CON->CRZ N1 limit switch upon AFS vertical mode change as appropriate (emvaos)
0011231: [FMS – Performance Pages] PLAN FUEL Indication on PROG PAGE when Plan Fuel is entered (emvaos)
0012015: [FMS – Functionality Problems (General)] Several Issues After Go Around (emvaos)​


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