DCS – грядет обновление авианосцев

DCS – грядет обновление авианосцев

03.04.2019 4 Автор Alex_buka

Разработчики уведомили на своей страничке facebook о грядущем обновлении авианосцев. Итак, пишу кратко на русском, под катом приведу оригинальный текст, так как для большинства в силу специфичных терминов он будет более понятен.

1) Приближается ранний доступ к Нимицу, но пока он находится в стадии доработки.

2) Нам наконец-то добавят deck crew со скелетной анимацией.

3) Будет переработана система связи с авианосцем.

Hey everyone,

While not strictly Hornet news but certainly related, the improved carrier environment is moving ahead quickly:

1- The new Nimtiz-class aircraft carrier is nearing an early access release. There are a few items to first clean up like deck weathering, the bow catapult controller bubble, and elevator rails, but it’s coming along great. Once a bit further along, GA will make a spectacular video and we’ll discuss the features in greater detail. Once this is done, we’ll return to the Kuznetsov and then the Burke.

2- The deck crew animation for the bow cats is about done, and work has started on the waist cat launch animations for deck crew. This will also be using our new skeletal animation system.

3- CASE I radio communications are now working and being tuned. Once that is done, CASE II and III will be coded. All voice over lines for pilot, marshal, tower, approach, LSO, and departure have been recorded with several authentic personalities.

Our goal is to create the most realistic carrier environment ever done for a PC (entertainment and commercial). All in all, the carrier environment is going to be quite cool!


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