DCS World – обновление для Open Beta

DCS World – обновление для Open Beta

28.03.2019 1 Автор Alex_buka

Как-то незаметно прошел у нас релиз замечательного F-14 от Heatblur,  впредь обещаю исправиться по новостям про DCS. Думаю что эта будет актуальна и для любителей Tomcat, и для остальных “боевых” симмеров. Вышло большое обновление открытой беты которое, в том числе, исправляет вылеты Кота. Полный список изменений далее.

DCS World

  • R-27R and R-27T DLZ is corrected.
  • Black screen flickering on the some video cards fixed.


  • Fuel Probe Model Adjusted to match real airframe
  • DMT can now track moving targets
  • MPCD Brightness control enabled


  • Added the following keybinds:
    – Milpower and AB throttle buttons
    – Canopy open and Canopy close discrete commands
    – Landing gear lever lock on, off, on/off commands
    – Landing gear lever neutral command
    – RV-5 Radalt commands for each option
    – Rocket salvo mode command for each option
    – ASP-5 sight aiming mode command for each option
    – Bomb release mode command for each option
    – Parachute deploy cover open and close
    – Cockpit temp selections
    – Emergency brake on and off
    – Nose gear brake on and off
    – AGI -1 cage and uncage
    – ARK-5 far/ndb band select
    – ARK-5 near band select
    – ARK-5 function select
    – ARK-5 receive mode
    – ARK-5 near/far select
    – Main battery
    – Bomb arm
    – ASP5 sight cage
    – RP5 radar telemetry
  • Fixed Polish Skin
  • Increased Cockpit Brightness
  • Fixed Gun Arming button animation
  • Instrument Textures Updated
  • Adjusted Rocket pods (ORO-57K) coordinates

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed flight model not reacting to damage values. (Fix did not make the last update)
  • Updated external sounds.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet

  • Added Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode with MSI coming next
  • Missing AGM-65F timing after re-arming is restored.
  • Correct sequence of bombs release from double rack.
  • Optimization of afterburner nozzles animation.
  • Folded wings produce bug on 2nd and other LODs fixed.
  • INS set correctly on Autostart.
  • INS alignment fixed.
  • Updates to IFF and datalink to include interrogation of already locked target
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DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-33. Fixed small jumps on carrier spawn.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Added new ejection seat to external model.
  • Added synchronization of the following systems to multicrew:
    -Canopy (partially working)
    -Radios priority
    -Navigation priority
    -VOR/TCN selector
    -HSI course/heading selector
    -Fuel test
    -Emergency air brake
    -Emergency landing gear deployment (working partially, only front cockpit)

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed very frequent CTD due to Jester sound missing.
  • Increased roll moment from missing wings
  • Increased drag due to aerodynamic damage
  • Decreased lift due to aerodynamic damage
  • Tuned thrust for better adherence to level acceleration tests
  • Corrected refuel keybind to support 2-pos and 3-pos switches
  • Prevent gun drum counter reaching 7XX
  • Prevented JESTER from turning off radar at the start of a mission
  • Limit the sidewinder seeker-driven HUD movable reticle to the HUD FOV
  • Implemented ability to hide the stick grip.
  • Tweaked IR signature coefficient in non-AB and AB.
  • Fixed typos in RIO keybinds
  • Made Sidewinder pattern scan slightly tighter.
  • Play sidewinder lock tone only when explicitly SEAM locked.
  • Allow SEAM lock from sidewinder boresight mode.
  • Don’t play tape player button sounds when changing volume
  • Added more FFB effects: trim, airspeed & G effects
  • Corrected inlet efficiency reductions
  • Corrected lack of weathering on all tail surfaces in default liveries
  • Fixed VF-103 Hi-viz spelling errors
  • Fixed Autopilot off keybind
  • Fixed JESTER going crazy and rambling during A2A refueling
  • Tweaked wing overstress logic.
  • Wings will now continue to sweep past 5g.
  • Added night lighting to CAP drum
  • Added night lighting to LANTIRN panel (known issue: too weak)
  • RIO helmet in cockpit now matches exterior
  • Adjusted AIM-9 SEAM lock tone to be less ear murder-y
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