737 Pilot in Command Evolution – обновление до версии 1.1

737 Pilot in Command Evolution – обновление до версии 1.1

09.02.2012 2 Автор Алексей

Вышла обновленная версия Boeing 737 от Wilco. Список обновлений достаточно существенный. Об основных изменениях читаем под катом.

The v1.1 upgrade is significant with many new additions and numerous “fixes”, corrections and
improvements. Apart from bug fixes and repairs there are many additional model features.

Exterior model:
‐ Re‐modeled wingflex effects with flaps and spoilers seamlessly following flex angles even when
‐ Revised and improved Krueger leading edge flaps and slats. Kreugers now have correct secondary
retractable segments.
‐ Revised spoilers and ground spoilers with more details.
‐ Revised flap animations more closely resemble the triple slotted flaps of the real 737 classics.
‐ New “flatter” profile windows now with visible frames.
‐ Numerous “tweaks” to shapes and profiles, all over the airframes.

The cockpit has received attention in the shape of many revised systems and improvements to
‐ Correct TOGA switches are now present and functional on the throttle levers.
‐ 3D Engine start/fuel levers now function to match 2D popup throttles.
‐ It is now possible to follow procedures from “Cold & Dark” state to flight entirely in the 3D cockpit
‐ Perhaps the most significant upgrade to the 3D cockpits is the ability to change out from digital to
analogue instrumentation “on the fly” to match your selection of 2D panel.

Close to 140 individual changes and upgrades have been made to this package making it a really
“worthwhile” upgrade to 737PIC EVOLUTION.

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