777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 0.6

777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 0.6

14.07.2012 0 Автор Алексей

Обновился до версии 0.6 капсимовский тритопор. Пофиксили следующие моменты:


– Systems debug mode has been removed. Feel free to select any livery or aircraft variation, to reload the 777, to select/save another flight
– Aircraft/flight reload timing significally improved
– APU door animation fixed
– RAT animation fixed
– Primary displays line height fixed
– Electrics lost on APU and/or GPU fixed
– 2D EFIS knobs and buttons improved
– 2D MCP improved
– Exterior gears sound improved
– Flaps vortex improved
– Starboard flaperon no HYD drop fixed
– F/D bars added on PFD
– Doors dysplay mode connected to the model animations
– Audio Control Panels – Receiver Volume Control animations fixed

для установки текущего обновления, необходима предыдущая версия 0.5.

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