777 от CaptainSim – версия 1.3

777 от CaptainSim – версия 1.3

11.12.2013 11 Автор Алексей

1492212_783395361676257_1613663365_oОбновили капитаны своего тритопора до версии 1.3 Собственно список изменений под спойлером, а вот кто затестит его, отпишитесь плиз в комментах. Апдейт полным инсталлером забирается в личном кабинете и включает в себя все ранее вышедшие исправления.

– Altitude tape drawing fixed
– Speed tape drawing fixed
– Trend speed drawing fixed
– Runway elevation and landing altitude drawing added

– Deviation indicator wrong location in ILS mode fixed
– Route drawing improved
– VECTOR drawing fixed
– Altitude Range Arc drawing fixed
– Plan Mode drawing improved
– INTC and DISCO points drawing improved
– T/D T/C E/D drawing improved

– Upper EICAS pressurisation indication added
– Lower EICAS RR engine N3 indication fixed
– Jumbled view fixed
– EICAS messages added
– Engines N1, N2, oil press, oil qty, vib enhanced
– Engines N2 constantly red lining during takeoff and climbing fixed
– EICAS Thrust Mode improved

– VNAV Alt and Speed calculation improved
– T/D and T/C calculation and drawing fixed
– Next non-constraint waypoint displays current altitude instead of calculated targeted altitude at Legs page – fixed
– Keyboard-mode hotkey (Shift+Ctrl+K) fixed
– Backspace key deletes all scratchpad simbols – fixed
– Constraint Waypoints at Legs Page drawing fixed
– First leg in STEP Mode fixed
– Menu page added
– QFE<->QNH added at APPROACH REF Page

– MCP altitude selector push (MiddleClick) fixed
– MCP speed selector push (MiddleClick) fixed
– MCP altitude restriction mode in VNAV fixed
– Approaching minimums callout added
– Switching between MCP modes fixed
– 2D panel drawing improved
– V/S wrong animation fixed
– FD switches animation fixed
– A/T ARM switches animation fixed
– Hotkey A/T ARM and SPD fixed

– Minimum reference selector functions fixed
– Baro reference selector functions fixed
– Radio/Baro Minimums, Baro IN/HPA knobs fast/slow moving fixed

– Engine start fixed (known as CTRL+SHIFT+F4 problem)
– Altitude Alert System enhanced and fixed
– A/T takeoff settings improved
– AutoBreak RTO Mode Disarm after take-off fixed
– Probe heat automatic applying when the first engine is started – fixed
– VHF Frequency tuning fixed
– Landing Altitude Selector LDG-ALT Knob animation fixed

Flight model:
– High vertical speed during climb fixed
– Aircraft violent rocking/rollings fixed
– Excessive speed on descent fixed

– 777 Freighter reverse animation fixed
– Logo lights fixed
– 777 Freighter broken object above a fuselage removed
– 777-300 VC wrong position fixed
– APU Intake connected with APU system
– Incorrect inboard spoiler animation fixed
– Minor models and textures issues fixed

ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor):
– RR option added in PREFLIGHT section of ACE

– Electronic checklist issues fixed
– FPS improved
– Code optimized


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