A2A Accu-Sim Update от 20.11.2014г.

A2A Accu-Sim Update от 20.11.2014г.

20.11.2014 1 Автор DayWalker

Logo_A2AВыпущена новая версия “A2A Accu-Sim Update” под номером «11.20.14».
Страница загрузки.
Основные изменения касаются «C182 Skylane», более подробно читаем ниже:

We are now using DATES instead of numbers for version control.

– B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release)
– B377 “Captain of the Ship”
– Piper J3 “Cub”
– P-47 “Razorback”
– B-17 “Flying Fortress”
– Supermarine “Spitfire”
– P-40 “Warhawk”
– P-51 “Military” Mustang
– P-51 “Civilian” Mustang
– C172 “Trainer”
– Piper Cherokee “180”
– C182 “Skylane”

11/14/2014 – 11/20/2014 CHANGES

This latest update addresses issues that some users were experiencing with 3rd party GPS options. Additionally, we made improvements were we could, based on customer requests.

C182 Skylane:
New Features and Improvements:
– Load Manager: Baggage compartments now in three sections (Baggage A, B, and C)
– Aircraft Configurator tool v1.1: Individual 3rd party GPS options
– 2d panels. Controls: “Experimental” label is now optional
– Set aircraft trim position exactly to our test aircraft
– Added detail and shadowing to leather trim in the cockpit
– Tow speed increased

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed 3rd party GPS CTDs
– Capped small hole on the top of the dash
– Fixed inHg gauge/tooltip innacuracies
– Fix for radio not working with 3rd party GPS
– Fixed fuel selector shortcuts
– Corrected cowl flaps shortcut
– Fixed tow text
– Fixed rudder trim blocked when AP on
– Removed experimental aircraft rigging code
– Maintenance Hangar: Changed the name “Flaps seals” to “Flap gap seals”

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