Aerosoft Airbus 318/319 – а вот и первый хотфикс

Aerosoft Airbus 318/319 – а вот и первый хотфикс

24.09.2014 0 Автор Alex_buka


Ну, с почином товарищи, счёт открыт! Качаем тут, список изменений под катом.

За новость спасибо нашему форумчанину Aleksey.


  • CTD when entering ILS IDENT to tune the NAV Radios


  • Minor pitch tuning


  • VLS now affected by alpha when in turns and spoilers used.
  • VFE corrected to immediately step down when next step of flaps is commanded
  • S Speed operative regardless of MCDU phase.
  • Removed Green = overspeed indication when config is not clean
  • APU FLAP OPEN time doubled.
  • EXT PWR AVAIL light goes off when pushed on.


  • “SPEED SPEED” Low Energy Warning tweaked.
Vol6 StepbyStep Tutorial
  • Various errors corrected, refer to manual changelog.
Checklist- / Copilot Functionality
  • Copilot now says Auto for the Probe/Windowheat
  • PF FLAPS ZERO call changed.
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