Aerosoft Airbus X A320/321 – Hot Fix 016

Aerosoft Airbus X A320/321 – Hot Fix 016

31.05.2013 4 Автор Alex_buka


Собственно вся новость в названии. 🙂 Список изменений можно почитать  под катом, качаем с офф. форума.


  • Possible fix to whole route disappearing after passing a waypoint
  • Almost all of the DME ARC Entry curve is fixed.
  • Step Descend is properly implemented now.
  • VDEV problems associated with some DME Arcs fixed.
  • Some VDEV and TOD issue associated with below constrain fixed.
  • DME Arcs Entry curve mostly fixed.
  • Line disappear on ND for Final Approach Fix fixed
  • FMA may be blank out when at cruise alt fixed.
  • Waypoint sequencing issue when Trans for departure and arrival is used fixed.


  • Selected Speed in Managed Descend fixed.


  • Minimums Sound fix.


  • Spoilers deflection is wrong on left wing.
  • Flare amount reduce by 25% and introudced more gently.


  • HDG/TRK marker missing on PFD fixed.
Vol6 StepbyStep Tutorial
  • Non Precision Approach A chapter has been added explaining in detail a non-precision-approach at LGKR (Corfu/Greece)
Checklist- / Copilot Functionality
  • Landing Memo
If FLAPS 3 were used (instead of FLAPS FULL) it was not recognized by the copilot and the checklist item “Landing Memo” was constantly repeated. This problem should be solved with this hotfix.
  • Pause during Climb / at TOD
During CLIMB on some systems the FSX went into “pause” if “Pause 10 NM before TOD” was checked. A new condition for “Pause 10 NM before TOD” was added i. e. the FMA mode must be now “ALR CRZ” or “ALT CSTR”. So the FSX should not fall anymore into pause p. e. during CLIMB.
  • Non Precision Approaches
For NPA’s the Landing System (Knob LS) should be OFF. If the Copilot is used the LS knob is automatically set to ON at 10.000 feet. But during the FINAL checklist it is automatically set to OFF if the TRK/FPA mode will be activated.
  • Sliding Table Copilot
There is no clickspot for the copilots sliding table. If the Copilot functionality is set to ON, the sliding table will automatically be extended at cruise level. But if the functionality later is set to OFF there is no possibility to retract the table. Therefore the table in any case automatically will be retracted during the Approach Phase (even if the Copilot is set to OFF).
  • Sliding Table Captain
If captain’s sliding after extension has been stowed too fast, the program position had been set to a value which was not recognized by the checklist as “stowed”. This has been changed.
  • Abort Checklist / Skip checklist item
There are a lot of things concerned to abort a checklist completely if the user does not know what to do or how to handle the problem.
For the current main issues we therefore decided to implement another solution i. e. the call is repeated just three times and then the checklist will automatically jump to the next item. This functionality has now been implemented not generally but for “Barometric Check”, “Go-around-Altitude” and “Landing Memo” only.
Additionally a solution to skip a checklist item (if the copilot is not used) has been implemented (MCDU CHECKLIST PAGE A LSK2L). The “white” message “SKIP ITEM” appears in future if there is a user action necessary. If you do not know what to do or how to handle the item and you want to skip this checklist item please just press LSK2L and the checklist jumps to the next item. But this functionality is not available during the APPROACH CL for flaps setting as well as during the complete FINAL CL because it would make no sense.
Load and Fuelplanner
  • A321 – The MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) for the A 321 has been changed to 75.000 kg.


  • Autobrake Fix for Rudder Pedals.
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