AEROSOFT – CRJ 700/900 Rev 297

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– [Fixed] LNAV issues
– [Fixed] Cabin crew sounds volume now louder and play times optimized
– [Fixed] FLT SPLR DEPLOY message no longer comes up when flight spoilers deploy as aileron support
– [Fixed] Ground friction model for easier taxiing (P3D v4.x only. FSX, FSX-SE and P3D v3.x continue to rely on on FSUIPC)
– [Fixed] COM Frequency swap on RTU
– [Fixed] GPWS Mode 2B only arms when within 5NM and 3500ft of destination airport, if FMS Flightplan required. Otherwise it’s always active
– [Fixed] Frequency and volume of ground bumps reduced
– [Fixed] Pack sounds added
– [Fixed] HGS horizon line
– [Fixed] Max CRZ Alt increased to 41000ft in all menus
– [Added] Gear bump sounds
– [Changed] DAVE mouse click log now requires debug level 2
– [Added] COM and NAV radio frequency swap keys now affect the CRJ radios (Pro-ATC/X compatibility)
– [Fixed] Stickshaker sound playing on aircraft load
– [Added] Flight Attendant and Cabin Announcements (see )
– [Added] Debugging options on CRJ Manager options page
– [Changed] Logging functions adapted to produce data only when a certain debug level is set
– [Changed] Moved all logs to AerosoftDigital Aviation CRJLogs
– [Added] Function to check and auto-create the AerosoftDigital Aviation CRJ folders plus subfolders (Flightplans, Panel States, Logs)
– [Fixed] GPWS mode 2a only activates when flaps are not in landing configuration (< 30 degrees)
– [Fixed] Optimization of the number of draw calls for the virtual cockpit display and HGS.
– [Fixed] PFD bearing pointers mix-up
– [Fixed] HGS FPV/FD not visible
– [Fixed] Some HGS elements not drawing when
– [Fixed] Possible endless loop during calculation of radius to fix legs
– [Fixed] Added a small nullzone to the spoiler lever to avoid CONFIG SPLRS warning triggered by input axis noise
– [Fixed] Missing R REV ARMED EICAS message
– [Added] Scaling option for HGS fonts for use with UHD (and similar) monitors. To change the scaling option, open you CRJ.cfg (CRJ_P3Dv4.cfg for P3D v4)
and add the following line to the [Config] section: HGSFontScale=175 The value needs to be identical to the font scaling setting in Windows.
Default is therefore “100”. I will add this to CRJ Manager for the next version.
– [Fixed] FMS/FPLN: Flightplan loading via CoRoute entry
– [Fixed] HGS repositioned (FSX and P3D v3 models added)
– [Fixed] HGS repositioned (P3D v4 models only. P3D v3 and FSX/FSX-SE will follow soon™)
– [Fixed] Thrust reversers now open before reverse thrust is set (and only close after reverse thrust is back to idle)
– [Fixed] Slightly increased the upper
limit for throttle cruise range
– [Fixed] Improved FPV and FD in HGS
– [Fixed] Fuel/Time calculation updating on legs with ToC/ToD
– [Fixed] MFD SAT/TAT indications no longer locked to -14/-28
– [Fixed] Late turn to new direct leg
– [Checked] DME Autotune update (no issue found)
– [Fixed] Wrong CoG/trim calculation for CRJ-900

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