Aerosoft online – FS Flight Keeper 3.20

Aerosoft online – FS Flight Keeper 3.20

19.10.2011 0 Автор Alex_buka

Новая версия широко известной утилиты, в продаже на simMarket. Владельцы первой и второй версий, могут приобрести новую по стоимости 16.76€. При покупке с нуля стоимость составит 29,37€.

Подробнее по ссылке.

Список улучшений и исправлений относительно версии 3.0 можно прочитать далее.


    • New: Native iFly 737 (FS9/FSX) event logging Support
    • New: iFly 737 flight plan format Support
    • New: TOPCAT Support
    • New: Sound items for V-Speeds when using TOPCAT
    • New: Decimal display to engine N1 and N2 settings
    • New: Pause and resume flight logging
    • Changed: IVAO and VATSIM FIR Data
    • Changed: Improved G-Force detection for the landing phase
    • Fixed: Entered transition altitude values are not longer overwritten
    • Fixed: GPWS altitude callouts not played on approach if gear is up
    • Fixed: Surface wind direction not correct with FSX
    • Fixed: Wilco flight plan not loaded
    • Fixed: Display problems with higher DPI settings
    • Fixed: An assigned VA template (pilot or logbook) can overwrite other global templates and settings when opening the options dialog while in flight
    • Flight Export to Google Earth™ (KML)
    • Added Active Sky Evolution Support
    • Added Wilco flight plan format Support
    • Added Windows 7 Jump List Support
    • Improved accuracy of flight path
    • Filter addon airports on the world map
    • Highlight airline parkings on the world map
    • Recognition lights and G-Force on touchdown flight critique
    • Transition Altitude (TA) database
    • Default values for custom fields
    • G-Force and Trim (Elevator, Aileron and Ruder) values are saved  for each recorded flight event
    • Added new functions to the ACARS Device Installer to remove or replace an existing (default) gauge in a panel with a Hotspot or the ACARS Device
    • ACARS Device Installer now allows editing of the Virtual Cockpit
    • Fixed altimeter and pressure rounding errors
    • Fixed flight path sometimes not correctly displayed on world map if there is no flight plan assigned
    • Fixed Air TV cannot be stopped
    • Fixed GDI initializing fails on some systems
    • Fixed VA template assigned to a pilot or logbook not working
    • Fixed PIREP flight image FTP upload not completed on some systems
    • Fixed VATSIM traffic not available on some systems
    • Updated offline ALOFT download location
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