Aerosoft Torp Sandefjord X ENTO – 1.02

Aerosoft Torp Sandefjord X ENTO – 1.02

03.03.2015 0 Автор DayWalker

New150303_2Сегодня день обновлений. :) Аэрософты обновили “Torp Sandefjord X ENTO” до версии 1.02. Перечень изменений длинный:

Torp X v. 1.02 –  Changelog:

– Redid, and made mesh universally compatible (Proven fully working with FTX Global / FTX Norway / Global Vector / openLC Europe, Norway Mesh, both PILOTS Ultimate, and FSGenesis)
– Added excludes, enabling user not having to remove ‘ento’ files from other addons.

*** The adjustments above was done with help by ORBX’s Holger Sandman. A huge thanks to him for taking the time helping making Torp X and FTX Norway completly compatible.
There is now no need to remove ‘ento’ or mesh files from FTX Norway to make Torp X work with it. If you followed my FTX NOR + Torp X PDF guide, please reverse it.

– FIXED red boundary lines on apron to how they are in real life
– FIXED gate numbers 3,4,5 on terminal building
– FIXED taxi line overlapping grass
– FIXED Y-> sign to <-Y southbound on RWY
– REMOVED trees over roads in Dakota section north-east
– ADDED signs to the new taxiway Bravo
– ADDED fence to boundary hill from apron to parallel road, also added “ADGANG FORBUDT” signs on fences
– ADDED soft gradient spots throughout asphalt for more depth
– ADDED Custom 3D VOR and Localizer objects
– ADDED 3D approach lighting
– IMPROVED textures throughout scenery i.e with better shadows and tear
– IMPROVED photoscenery

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