Airfoillabs порадовал релизом апдейта 1.4 для своей “сосны” исправлена часть ошибок и добавлена поддержка VR, остальное под катом.  Если, вдруг, кто-то незнаком с данной моделью, то очень рекомендую к приобретению, больше подробностей и методы покупки на сайте разработчика.

1. Download from store – purchased products – new version of Product Manager and install.

2. In case you run Product Manager inside X-Plane 11, load any other aircraft, NOT our AFL C172SP and then launch Product Manager. Explanation: As there is a new version of SASL plugin – it is not possible to manipulate with this .xpl file – rewrite it – when it is loaded in memory. New version of Product Manager will be able to deal with this problem, but it is not released yet)

When using VR, we recommend to use low poly version of C172SP.

release notes:

– flight model – rebuild from ground up as consequence of big changes in x-plane 11
– performance – according to tables
– aircraft is able to spin
– virtual reality – basic beta vr support introduced (tested in x-plane 11.20vr1)
– all interior manipulators rebuild – for better functionality and for vr
– mousewheel functionality – corrected for all manipulators
– instruments flickering bug – corrected
– sound values now restoring correctly
– egt values – corrected
– fuel flow – retuned
– idle rpm – retuned
– cdi and nav/gps buttons now synchronized
– com2 radio corrected for 8.33k spacing
– adf frequency tuning corrected
– autopilot heading bug now based on main vacuum gyro
– adf frequency tuning corrected
– field of view values can be set from default x-plane 11 menu


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