ASE – официальный релиз SP4

ASE – официальный релиз SP4

07.12.2012 2 Автор Alex_buka

Зарелизен официальный, 4й по счёту сервиспак на Active Sky Evolution. Таким образом, актуальным на текущий момент становится билд за номером 702. Список изменений под катом, качаем либо с сайта разработчиков, либо из личного кабинета на sumMarket. 

Service Pack 4 (B702):

– Improved performance of DWC write for better wind control
– Fixed problem with “Prevent Tstorms with CB” option failing to prevent Thunderstorms
– Fixed problem with hurricane data causing crashing (NullReferenceException) in some cases, when located within the hurricane area
– Fixed some cloud and visibility depiction issues with hurricanes when using DWC mode
– Increased speed of DWC write for quicker wind, visibility, pressure and temperature smoothing changes, which should avoid “lagging” ambient conditions when making quick descents to landing
– Fixed problem with occasional SimConnect Exception errors in DWC mode.
– Improved surface wind interpolation in low-density areas
– Improved surface temperature interpolation in low-density areas
– Updated VATSIM status server URL, re-enabling VATSIM injected METARs for Departure and Destination
– Fixed problem with Flight Plan import causing a “file lock” on a .PLN file.
– Fixed problem with Wx Config “PARSE” function which would fail to properly parse wind and cloud layers in some situations
– Fixed problem with invalid baro filter routine in FS9 which could cause unflyably low or high pressure when invalid pressure data is supplied in METAR data
– Added temperature decoding filtering to ensure that invalid values are not depicted
– Fixed problem where entering lowercase letters in the Wx-Report screen could result in invalid interpolation details displayed when the Interpolation button is pressed
– Fixed problem where Rain/Snow may not properly depict in FS9 at high-altitude airports with high nimbus cloud layers
– Fixed problem with isolated intermittent failure of activation system occasionally causing unnecessary re-activations
– Fixed problem with Suppress on Ground option not properly suppressing updates on the ground in some cases
– Fixed problem with manual visibility set to 0SM resulting in graphical issues in some cases
– Fixed problem with FS9 visibility anomaly in some areas where lower visibility altitude was slightly above the surface, causing a visible line in the surrounding terrain

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