BlackBox Airbus Xtreme «Prologue» – V0.76

BlackBox Airbus Xtreme «Prologue» – V0.76

18.06.2013 1 Автор Alex_buka


Итак, как ясно из названия, вышла новая версия “чернокоробочного” аирбаса. Список изменений не велик, но неплох. Подробности про них вы найдёте под катом.

This is an Interim release addressing some issues with the FDE and Autopilot. These systems as well as the main PID Controllers and Fly by wire, have been totally re written and vastly improved.

Upper ECAM has also been upgraded ( but more to follow !)

Recent test report said –
“Now it all just seems right..she simply flies like an airbus”

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