BlackBox Simulation A320 Xtreme Prologue – 0.75

BlackBox Simulation A320 Xtreme Prologue – 0.75

24.04.2013 1 Автор Alex_buka


Итак, как и обещалось, вышел очередной апдейт к “коробочному” арбузу. Список изменений под катом, саму обнову качаем из личного кабинета, или по ссылке из почты.

*320 cfm nose wheel steering, wrong display variable – FIXED
*all models, Aileron and spoiler flutter – FIXED
*Pid controller logic – MODIFIED
*Lower ecam no draw when pause – FIXED
*User requested option to install FSUIPC or not – ADDED
*Widescreen or Standard res Panels option – ADDED
*Panel Key shortcuts changed to allow MCDU etc quick access
*Analogue toe brakes not working when mapped via FSUIPC – FIXED
*Flight dynamics reworked
*Rudder authority increased
*Smoother AP ROll & Pitch
*Time and distance to Altitude Climb rates corrected
*Time and distance to Altitude Descent rates corrected
*Cruise Fuel burn & Range corrected
*Unwanted Autopilot disconnects – fixed
*Contact Points & Gear – reworked .. Better “lower” stance on ground
*Stopping distances (Autobrake and reverse) checked

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