На орг прибыл 707 за 30USD. Забираем здесь. Скрины здесь

Под катом подробности.

– For X-Plane 11 only
– Detailed 3D cockpit including flight engineer panel, with high-res textures.
– Night lighting includes separate knobs for instruments, captain & F/O panels and overhead light.
– Set of pilot, copilot and flight engineer (you can show/hide copilot & F/E with a button in the cockpit or a custom key; pilot is only viewable from the exterior view)
– Yokes can be hidden: just click on it!
– 9 view presets included to reach easily flight engineer panel, navigational panels, radio, overhead, etc?
Navigation systems include:
        – new X-Plane 11 standard 3D FMC with 2D pop-up window
        – 2D X-FMC (provided separately)
        – 3D CIVA with 2D pop-up window (provided separately), to navigate like the early days before GPS was available
        – standard VOR-NDB navigation
– Fully operable autopilot in the style of the early 707 planes, meaning that the functions are split in two between the pedestal and the front panel
– Operable flight engineer panel with many systems available. However plane can be flown without using the flight engineer panel
– Functioning radar with TCAS
– Anti-ice system
– Radio stack with Com 1/2 Nav 1/2 and ADF 1/2
– Fuel panel includes 7 separate tanks
– Fuel transfer panel: tanks are coupled to allow transfer between left, right and center tanks
– Ground power unit system with highly detailed 60?s style ground support vehicles
– Complete checklist provided to replicate a cold and dark starting procedure
– Conway engines with flared noise surpressors
– Irregular slat retraction and extention modeled as in the real plane
– Detailed landing gear and wheel wells
– Wing flex including all 4 engines flex
– Vortex generators modeled
– Flight tested by retired retired 707 captain Charles Raines, retired 707 first officer Alex Stanton.
– Liveries include
        Pan Am
        Air India
        Seaboard World
        Air France
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