Captain of the Ship – обновление

Captain of the Ship – обновление

20.08.2011 0 Автор Алексей


Для Captain of the Ship выпущено обновление версии 1.1. Скачать можно здесь. Список обновлений под катом.
– High speed, stall, gear, flaps, and cowl flaps body shaking added to new physics
– Mouse wheel controls the attitude indicator calibration knob
– Autopilot makes coordinated turns
– Mixture affects engine fouling
– No Meals / Meals button for the controls panel. If No Meals is set, then meals will not be prepared. If a meal is being prepared or eating, and you set No Meals, then they will immediately move to the “cleaning up” stage.
– Tweaked yaw dampener
– Passengers and crew are slightly forgiving with turbulence and with seatbelts on

Fixes / updates:
– Fuel dumping no longer turns career mode off
– Fixed turbo 1 cutoff switch from affecting other turbos
– Fixed engine selector for split throttles
– Fixed FE high airport altitude pressurization at flight start
– Navigator’s radio altimeter odd wire fixed
– Only capture takeoff coords just before takeoff (not when starting in flight)
– Fixed bug where applause could happen without passengers
– No fuel flow when engines are off (FSX Bug)
– Fixed formatting error in crew reports that tied two messages together w/o a line return
– Fuel pressure warning lights modified to new system
– Added “weight on wheels” de-pressurization valve
– Captain’s Log doesn’t show “Will record after engines are shut down” when flight isn’t being recorded
– Pilot’s radio altimeter warning lights go off when the indicators are off
– Doors are FS default to avoid door open lights and doors losing synch
– VIP chances no longer affected when using fast load
– Configurator stores settings in my documents/a2a/fsx/377
– Axis config is loaded from my documents/a2a/fsx/377.
– Old path is also supported, so no user action is required after update. Configurator will automatically move the previous file to new location.
– Fixed doors not closing after unloading
– Fixed career mode going off when using fuel dump
– The altimeters can be calibrated below sea level
– Misc texture typos fixed
– VFE turbo bleeders managed under main panel and not pressurization section
– Fixed typo error causing EBP#1 to be too low at idle
– Small calculation errors in air distance resolved
– Any emergency triggers a cleanup if food is out
– VFE does not turn on cabin lights any more
– ADF signal strength indicator fixed / ADF Control switch turns off the RMI needles ADFs
– Trimmers tooltips read in degrees
– pixel_size= added to the Shift+1 panel for Matrox users
– Guppy unsupported features removed from the Guppy 2D Controls panel
– Heidi takes a bit more time to prepare drinks after seatbelt sign is turned off
– Pilot will not make routine annoucements (climb, cruise, descent) during emergencies
– Pressurization and passenger warnings not possible in crew reports for Guppy
– Cabin pressurization dump valve pressure release speed increased
– Drag system restored
– Turbo diff pressure should not occur when engines are off
– Cowl flap buffeting is increased
– Flaps can be set to 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and full
– Throttle smoothing code added
– Brighter ground track dashed line on the map
– Animated maximum allowable airspeed needle.

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