Еще раз обновился “A2A Accu-Sim Update”

Еще раз обновился “A2A Accu-Sim Update”

28.09.2014 0 Автор DayWalker

Logo_A2A  Пару дней назад обновилась утилитка “A2A Accu-Sim Update”. И вот сегодня снова обновление. :) Чтобы не было путаницы привожу ниже перечень исправлений/дополнений в последних двух версиях “A2A Accu-Sim Update”.

Скачать версию “A2A Accu-Sim Update” от 28.09.14″ .

CHANGES – 28.09.2014
– Fixes a bug in the C172 prop animation

CHANGES – 26.09.2014
– New illuminated landing lights
– New climb gauge physics (slower and matched to real plane)
– Added GPSMAP to external model when selected
– ADF card “12” typo corrected
– Corrected autopilot initialization lights sequence
– Removed unwanted remnants from the radios texture
– Added model.ini for aicraft customizations
– “Generator field breaker” typo corrected
– Tuned the neutral trim a bit for neutral glide tests
– 2D. Maint. hangar: sponsors popups clickspots fixed.
– Fixed propeller issue in multiplayer
– Corrected mouse wheel toggle events on various switches and levers.
– Fixed bug that caused 4% more nose down attitude with full flaps

C172 & Cherokee:
– Batteries get charged when using CTRL-E Autostart
– More linear braking meaning more sensitivity when partially applying the brakes
– Bug where if the plane was left for more than 72 hours, cylinder conditions could be altered

– Reduced creep on ground checks
– Primer lasts longer
– New cylinder firing and plug fouling logic. Engine won’t stall after landing unless you pull the throttle full back and allow the plugs to “load up.” After starting, you may notice it takes a 1/2 minute for the engine to run smoothly. This is expected and normal behavior.

– Fuel feeds independently to the engine from both the top and bottom fuel tanks, so now if you run top tank dry you can cut the fuel off to the engine using just the lower fuel tank selector

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