Eurocopter AS350 B3 для X-Plane 10

Eurocopter AS350 B3 для X-Plane 10

20.04.2013 0 Автор Jezz

Dreamfoil Creations и Nemeth Design зарелизили модель вертолёта Eurocopter AS350 B3 для X-Plane 10. Оба этих разработчика уже давно отлично зарекомендовали себя на рынке симостроения, тем вдвойне интереснее будет попробовать их продукт, увидевший свет в результате кооперации усилий.

Помимо потрясающей визуалки, в аддоне предусмотрено два режима – Arcade mode и Advanced mode. Первый предназначен для новичков, делающих первые шаги в пилотировании вертолётов, а второй – для опытных вирпилов.

Скриншоты можно посмотреть здесь. Купить модель можно на Внушительный список реализованных систем под катом.


  • High quality 3D model for exterior and interior
  • 3D Panel and fully clickable switches/buttons
  • Rotor animations (Starflex / Articulations / Links / Flapping / Coning / Cone drop / Wind)
  • Turbine simulation (Realistic Arriel 2B1 simulation)
  • Accurate Torque, Ng, T4 and NR/Nf values
  • Realistic startup and shutdown procedures (can follow real aircraft checklist)
  • Controls Friction and Lock – Trim System
  • VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Management Display) fully simulated
  • EBCAU (Engine Back-up Control Ancillary Unit) Plugin driven and fully simulated
  • FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) Plugin driven and fully simulated
  • CWP (Caution and Warning Panel)
  • GTX 327 (Transponder) fully simulated
  • Bendix KR87 (ADF) fully simulated
  • Realistic Autorotations
  • Hydraulics and Accumulator simulation
  • Light circuit simulation
  • Internal lighting
  • Rotor brake with controllable intensity
  • Customizable variants (Police, Medical, Hoist, Transport)
  • Realtime spot light simulation for Search Light (HDR required)
  • Venting system simulation (include audio)
  • Working dynamometer for sling load operations
  • Removable Doors
  • Exhaust Heat Blur (HDR required)
  • FLIR camera
  • Realistic exterior lighting

A new way to change your liveries, preview feature allow you to pick the one you really want to, no more guessing with names.

Easy access menu, allow quick change of views, Ground Power Unit or SmartLivery.

DreamEngine sounds 

  • Over 70 custom sounds for realistic simulation – Realistic startup sound with dynamic sounds
  • Doors simulation (Increased noise / Frequencies attenuation / Wind), Switches and buttons sounds, Blade slap sound, Low and High rpm horn
  • HeadPhone Simulation

Arcade Mode
Exclusive mode allow beginners to get help while training, this feature will auto correct flight attitude, just center your joystick while flying in this mode and helicopter will automatically fly stabilized. It is not limited to beginners, can be also used in other situations like:

  • In forward flight as help to keep flying while you change any instrument like radio frequency or GPS.
  • During hover as PANIC button, to recover from bad situations induced by pilot.
  •  For people who don’t really want to worry so much about flying, just like an arcade mode from videogames, it allow you to takeoff without big corrections from cyclic, and forward speed is achieved by only moving cyclic forward.
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