Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition – обновление

Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition – обновление

09.01.2015 11 Автор Алексей

FSXSEА вот и первое обновление после релиза. Радует, что не бросили и продложают развивать. До 64 бит доживем? :).
Список обновлений под катом. Кстати, вот эти ребята PrecipitFX, обещают очень скоро обновление своей тулзы под эту версию сима.

Below is the full list of changes and fixes made in this update:

• Networking: Resolved – potential crash bug when decoding Steam host tag data.
• Error Reporting: Resolved – error message if the software failed to load the language.dll so that it shows the name of the actual dll it is trying to load.
• Learning Centre: Resolved – when selecting a mission from the Learning Centre, you would be told that the mission script failed to load and would be disabled.
• Learning Centre: Changed – the Learning Centre still referenced a GameSpy logo – now replaced with Steam logo.
• Graphics: Improved vertex and index buffer handling defaults and a few other things to give up to 10% framerate improvement (as long as vsync is not enabled/forced).
• Graphics: Change – Enable trilinear mipmap filtering by default.
• Graphics: Resolved – If the Special Effects setting was set to HIGH, some special effects like external lights, landing/water effects would not work.
• Graphics: Changed default value for max per-frame texture uploads to decrease time for high quality terrain textures to appear.
• Settings: Resolved – HIGHMEMFIX was enabled by default but could very rarely be disabled at load time.
• For new installs, we now provide default versions of dll.xml and exe.xml files to improve compatibility with existing addons.

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