FS Global Real Weather – обновление

FS Global Real Weather – обновление

14.07.2013 0 Автор Алексей

5261_367605130020396_1887477012_nОбновился альтернативный погодник до версии 1.7 Build 005. Обновиться можно через опцию автообновления, либо скачать с сайта разработчика.  Список обновлений под катом.

.) Reworked weather depiction for FSX/P3D: you can now choose between two modes; one mode that will faster update the weather and minimize white flashes – however, it will not allow the visual effect of clouds moving with the wind. The other mode (Standard Mode) will be the mode FSGRW had in previous versions.
.) Enhanced Wind Modelling: wind will no longer be static and will have natural movements in direction and speed throughout the flight.
.) Updated Weather Station Database; we added 747 new weather stations and updated a few others to reflect real world changes (i.e. changed ICAO codes).
.) Visibility Smoothing for FS2004.
.) A new option “Update Weather on Ground” was introduced: if enabled, FSGRW will automatically refresh all the weather (and reset AI traffic, if enabled) every 10 minutes, if the aircraft is on the ground and not moving.
.) FS Global Real Weather Network Bridge will be introduced: with this tool FSGRW can be run in a network environment without complex SimConnect / WideFS configurations. It will replace FS Global Real Weather FSUIPC bridge (but still include all of its features and more).
.) FS Global Real Weather now supports data exchange with other tools through a documented file format (you can download the file format description from the DOWNLOADS section).
.) A new filter for weather phenomena ‘local weather effect’ was added; this will only list stations with active local weather effects.
.) New option for the Autostart feature.
.) Fixed some bugs (sometimes wrong pressures in weatherfile; Flight planner: wrong temperatures at waypoints, unhandled exception on too high cruise alts, DEP/ARR apts not included as waypoints on FS Commander files).
.) Fixed a bug that caused FS Global Real Weather to run in the background (even though it was closed) after a simulator connection failure.

IMPORTANT: All evaluation points used for the previously released version were resetted; everyone can now re-evaluate the current build to test the new features!

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