FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II V1.1 релиз

FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II V1.1 релиз

20.01.2018 0 Автор Aleksey

Вышла новая версия FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II V1.1. Это большое обновление, которое включает новые голоса, исправления ошибок и многие новые функции, основанные на запросах пользователей и обратной связи. Обновление бесплатное. Удалять старую версию не обязательно, просто запустить новый установщик. Новую версию берём в личном кабинете магазина.

Change Log:Version 1.1.

—New Voices—

*Additional German Male Capt.
*Additional German Female FO.
*Additional American Captain.
*Additional American FO.
*Additional Australian Captain.
*Additional Australian FO.
*New UK Ground Crew.
*New United States FA.
*New United Kingdom FA Public Announcements.
*New German FA Public Announcements.

—New Features / Config Options—

*Integration with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles (controlled via a new *Config Option on the Secondary Panel).
*Option to have the Captain (that’s you) only control the Hydraulics.
*New allowable start sequence: 4 – 1 – 2 – 3.
*New Config Option to allow the FO to select Terrain during his takeoff flow.
*Captain’s Turbulence PA now available.
*Gate arrival procedures enhanced. Please see the tutorials for updated procedures. FS2Crew will only attempt to connect the ground equipment after you announce “Shutdown Procedure”. This allows you to set the parking brake during taxi without triggering the ground equipment to be connected.
*New Config Option to allow the FO to turn on both generators in the Freighter, not just one.
*You can now talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Hold it in the INT position.

—Fixed / Updated—

*Manuals updated. Some available voice commands were not listed.
*FO now properly calls “Plus 100” not “Approaching Minimums” based on associated Config Option.
*Voice Command “Select Flight Directors On/Off”.
*No smoking signs no longer toggled in the Freighter models at 5000 feet in the descent.
*Can no longer call the ground crew while airborne.
*Touch and Go’s fixed with respect to the Landing Checklist.
*Captain’s no longer plays when you run the Pre-Flight events in Button Control.
*FO should now properly set the Baro scale (IN/MB) when in the US or Canada during his preflight flow.
*Missing sound file in the Secure Checklist (Emergency Exit Lights).
*FO will not announce passing the Transition Level during the descent if the altimeters are already set to QNH.
*Strobes On/Off voice command fixed.
*Match Speed / Bug Up/ Bug 1 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 25 -30 fixed.
*Setting the comm radios via voice control improved.
*Checklist Management voice commands fixed (ie., cancel the checklist, restart the checklist).
*On the FS2Crew Map, the the Flight Number now displays.
*FO should now properly acknowledge engine start commands.
Config Manager panel.cfg handling updated to handle a rare situation where Vox ATC was on the panel.cfg file, resulting in Window numbers being put out of alignment.
*”Passing Altitude” math improved to generate more accurate values taking your rate of climb/descent into account.
*FO will not turn on the strobe lights when crossing runways (Voice command: “Confirm Clear to Cross/Enter Runway XXX” must be used).
*”Set and Checked” now works as a possible response for the Before Takeoff “Flaps” challenge.
*FO now responds to FMA callouts while in Descent Mode.
If final sector, packs off deferred to the shutdown procedure.
*”Set Heading 000″ fixed.
*Ground crew volume amplified.
*Dome light handling improved for 2nd legs.
*Twitter / Facebook integration now working again (Social Integration tab on the Config Manager).


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