FTX New Zealand North Island (NZNI) – релиз SP1

FTX New Zealand North Island (NZNI) – релиз SP1

22.09.2014 0 Автор Alex_buka


Товарищи из ORBX зарелизили первый сервиспак на сабжевый регион, список его изменений смотрите под катом, качаем здесь.

IMPORTANT! You must set FTX Central to Oceania before applying this patch

For a complete list of all enhancements and fixes, please refer to the PDF file inside the ZIP

-Replaces the night lights in the NZNI region with our FTX Global style 3D lights
-Updates and enhancements (additional objects, custom buildings, etc.) at several airports
-Added new Waikato Expressway including interchanges
-Added new highway in Taupo including bridges and roundabouts
-Other fixes to reported bugs

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