KIAD – Washington Dulles Intl X – обновление

KIAD – Washington Dulles Intl X – обновление

11.07.2013 2 Автор Алексей



Обновление версии 1.1 для недавно вышедшего сценария от Flightbeam Studios – Washington Dulles Intl X.  Список исправлений под катом. Сама сцена берется тут (скачать можно бесплатно), обновление тут.

Version 1.1 Changelog:

– Fixed wrongly positioned fedex parking
– Added new auxilary “G” gate lead-in lines at UAX small concourse
– Fixed missing D1 gate sign and removed non-existant C21 gate
– Added ground parking signs for R ramp
– Additional performance adjustments
– Many general improvements and new objects at R ramp near tower
– Fixed jetway mixup between A15-A21
– Modified landclass surrounding KIAD for much better performance
– Added John McClane at two locations
– Fixed a few minor texture issues on main terminal
– Fixed issue with floating light poles
– Fixed road issue near Cargo entrance

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