KSNC Chester airport и SP1 для аэропорта KSAN

KSNC Chester airport и SP1 для аэропорта KSAN

29.11.2017 1 Автор Алексей

Анонс очередной деревни от ORBX – Chester Airport (KSNC) – находится в Коннектикуте. Больше скринов под спойлером, и там же подробности про пакет исправлений для аэропорта Сан-Диего. ИМХО, лучше бы разрабы взялись за создание азиатского региона: Пхукет, Бангкок, Токио, Пекин, Шанхай и т.д. Ведь тот регион практически “не окучен” в нормальном качестве, а летать туда многим интересно, особенно кто любит всякие 777/747, и в скором времени 330 от асофта, или имеющийся на сей день ужасный от “коробок”. И теплится конечно же надежда на FSLabs, хотя они кмк сейчас все силы на новый Конкорд бросят.

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Chester airport – KSNC

This time is the turn of KSNC Chester airport.

Chester airport (KSNC) is a public use airport located  5 km southwest of the central business district of Chester, a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Chester airport has a runway (17/35) measuring 782x15m.

The airport is sourrunded by very big forest and to many lakes. The particularity of this airport is it’s runway and apron, in fact the runway has a moderate slopes and one part of the apron is about 3mt under the runway level, and to acces to the apron zone there are two  sloped ramps.

The airport has been recreated carefully, the runway is not flat but i have recreated every single slopes! The same is for the buildings which they follow the terrain slopes and them are not flat.


  • Available for FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Requires only FTX GLOBAL


The  photoreal it’s composed by 7cm/px near the airport and with 50cm/px for the sourrounding. The coverage area is extended untill Essex City and is present the part of river running along the city with the marshy area.


  • Carefully reproduction of Chester Aiport (KSNC) with sloped runway, apron and buildings.
  • Realistic night illumination of the runway and apron.
  • Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only).
  • Realistic specular map over the entire runway and apron ( FSX and P3D ).
  • Orbx objectflow controlled, which change the colours of the trees, terrain, buildings etc.. due to season.
  • Volumetric grass with different colour for every season.
  • Different colours of the terrain for every season.
  • Snow covers airport runway, apron and buildings during hard winter season with unique specular effect.
  • 3D rocks ( deactivable ) on the runway hill.
  • Animated trees.
  • Smoke from the terminal chimney’s.
  • Animated peoples.
  • animated flag with different speed and angle due to wind.
  • animated windsocks with different speed and angle due to wind.
  • animated insects .
  • Maining POI’s of the zone, example:  Essex”s station with trains and Luna park .
  • Blended extremely well with sourrounding.
  • Custom mesh of the zone.


San Diego airport – Service pack 1

 This is the much-anticipated update for San Diego!

I have done my best to improve this scenery, first i’d like to remember to all, the San Diego region is one of the most difficult area of the sim to develop.

I have done my best to improve the grapich and in the same time improve the usability, I hope you appreciate it!.

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This update includes:

  • New GSE vehicle, much more optimized than old and unique for Ksan with the iconic purple-blue luggage vehicles, TUG, push-back vehicles etc.. 
  • Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only).
  • New Jetways. Now you could decide if you want to use the old animated jetways or new high detailed static jetways with 3 different kind of jetways in the airport ( like in the reality ).
  • Fixed autogen xml.
  • Removed some bugs ( misplaced apron light, removed the block that did not allow to see autogen trees in the city, bigger guardlights etc..)
  • better blending of the photoreal of the airport zone with the photoreal of the sourrounding
  • better night illumination near the aiport ( removed red colours and added more realistic tone )
  • Improved performance ( may not be perceived in all systems )
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