LatinVFR – Майами  P3D v4 и FSX

LatinVFR – Майами P3D v4 и FSX

20.12.2017 0 Автор Yofich

Забираем обнову тут. Владельцы предыдущих версий могут обновиться за 10 Евро

Под катом релиз ноты:

Исправленные ошибки

1- Исправлены телетрапы.
2- Поправили PAPI, не работали в FSX версии
3- Статические модели самолетов поменяли, теперь используют библиотеку DRZEWIECKI DESIGN
4- Service tunnel fix (P3D version)


Перед установкой, удалите старую версию.

Релиз ноты

– P3dv4 version made completely with the P3d4 sdk code making it 100% 64 bit.

– Extremely realistic airport and surrounding buildings

– Native ground polygons, with bump and specular maps. (P3D4)

– Surroundings extremely detailed with dozens of customized buildings.

– Photo scenery and autogen, covering 80square Miles

– City of Miami buildings (downtown) and major area landmarks.

– Animated CTRL+J jetways

– AFX file representing actual airline parking positions.

– Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport.

– Dynamic lights (P3D4)

– scenery configurator tool.

– Much more….

Among the changes in this new version:

1- Completely re-worked and re-textured all scenery objects and ground polygons.

2- Expanded coverage of customized buildings in the Miami airport general area. New Landmarks in Coral Gables area (Southeast of airport) and added dozens of Downtown buildings, and the Marlin’s park. All of which can be turned off and on with the scenery configurator tool.

3- New night lighting techniques for taxiways and runways. Runway and taxi way lighting according to FAA standards and airport charts.

4- Optional dynamic lighting, for P3dv4

5- parking assignments updated and fixed according to real world.

among many other fixes and additions.


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