Latinwings – LEMD, LEST информация и свежие фото LEAM.

Latinwings – LEMD, LEST информация и свежие фото LEAM.

12.12.2017 0 Автор Aleksey
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Больше года назад разработчики из Latinwings, известные  многим по сцене Валенсии для FSX/P3DV3V4 и X-Plane, объявили о старте создания долгожданного  Мадрид-Барахас (LEMD) для P3D, тогда ещё для V3.

Параллельно они ведут работу над другим крупным портом на севере Испании – Сантьяго-де-Компостела (LEST). Кроме того,  уже почти закончили создание сцены аэропорта Альмерия (LEAM), который делают, как я понял, совместно с PILOT’S. Вот картинками из LEAM они и делятся, а по Мадриду пока только слова, но главное работа над ним продолжается.

Good morning to all.
I will answer a question that hundreds of people ask us for Private.

The LEMD and LEST Airport is in full development, LEMD it is a very large airport, it has been a huge investment of money, time, effort and has been a very big challenge for our development team.

We never imagined that it would imply challenges and efforts, but the project is very much alive and day by day we work together with the other works already announced.

Making an airport like almeria is a way to put into practice what was learned during the development of LEMD, and also a way to obtain much needed economic income at this time, due to the great investment and effort involved in doing LEMD.

I repeat, the project is very alive, we do it for and for you.

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