Обновления для продуктов Orbx: FTX Australia SP4 и YSCH V1.5!

Глобальное обновление в виде сервис-пака 4-й версии для Австралии от ORBX, обновление до версии 1.5 аэропорта Coffs Harbour. Скачать SP 4 можно на форуме разработчика, ну а обновление для аэропорта по этой сылке.
Список исправлений под катом (на английском языке).

This Service Pack 4 (SP4) release includes all the original RTM files, plus the SP2 and SP3 enhancements and finally this February 2011 SP4 release. The list below highlights the major changes which have been added since RTM and is by no means an exhaustive list since many thousands of files have changed since the first release back in 2008.

•   Many improvements, enhancements and edits to the entire custom landclass fileset based on customer reported errors and Orbx team continued development
•   Numerous adjustments to roads and traffic to match the photoreal imagery used for Orbx high definition airports (available seperately)
•   Edits and bug fixes for polygon landclass areas
•   Edits and bug fixes for coastlines
•   Edits and bug fixes for lakes and rivers
•   Edits and bug fixes for railroads
•   Edits and bug fixes for waterclass
•   Edits and bug fixes for vertical obstructions and lighthouses
•   Edits and bug fixes for autogen annotation
•   Edits and improvements to some existing ground textures
•   Latest version of FTX Central, the main Orbx control application
•   Fixed the airport underlay problems for many airports in the northern regions of Australia
•   Added many missing towns as reported by customers
•   Housekeeping scripts to remove erroneous files and older user guides and version text files
•   Fixes for Sunshine Coast high rise apartments
•   Fixes for Brisbane City bridges
•   Added the Kiewa Valley river system and Lake Hume in Victoria
•   Added a realistic Sydney Harbour Bridge model with moving traffic
•   Added much more detailed lake shores for Tasmania’s SW wilderness region
•   Many other minor bug fixes and improvements

YSCH Coffs Harbour was the company’s first ever regional airport scenery for Flight Simulator X and the first airport published by Orbx with now-retired developer John Ross. More recently Graham Eccleston and I have updated the airport as new Orbx technology and libraries became available.

This release includes all the previous updates from versions 1.1 and 1.2 as follows:

•   Higher resolution compiled photoreal imagery for the airport, with more detail on the ground
•   New APX (AFCAD) file
•   GA AI Traffic (switchable from the Control Panel)
•   Many new custom models based on photos from John Ross’s trip to Coffs Harbour in November 2008
•   Tweaks to rivers and streams masks and also some flatten issues near the TAFE College
•   Enhanced airport buildings and signage
•   Enhancements made as a result of user feedback, feature requests and reported bugs
•   Brand new airport control panel to allow scenery features to be enabled or disabled
•   Much better frame rates when some scenery features are disabled (see below)
•   Fuel trigger added.
•   Approach data added
•   Old style grass removed and New 3D grass tufts added.
•   Older motor vehicle models removed and replaced with those from 2009 library.
•   New ground clutter added to Jetstar apron and around Maintenance hangars.

Additionally with this version 1.5 release we have added the following:

•   Colour correction to the airport 30cm photoreal to remove excessive magenta (pink) tones
•   Additional ground equipment and clutter to airside
•   Further revisions to the APX (AFCAD) file for better traffic movement and flow
•   New PeopleFlow animated ground staff and passengers
•   New PeopleFlow Virgin Boeing 737 (optional) on apron with animated baggage handlers
•   Revised Control Panel to cater for new V1.5 changes
•   Revised User Guide
•   Compatibility with new TextureFlow optimised Orbx Libraries for improved performance

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