Orbx FTX: NA 1S2 Darrington Municipal – 1.15

Orbx FTX: NA 1S2 Darrington Municipal – 1.15

03.12.2014 2 Автор DayWalker

ORB-051_pic9Обновился установщик для “Orbx – FTX: NA 1S2 Darrington Municipal” до версии 1.15. Теперь эта сцена поддерживает три сима: FSX, P3Dv1 и P3Dv2.
Перечень изменений:

FSX + P3D updates

  • New StaticFlow models
  • New PeopleFlow 2 models
  • Upgraded night lights to FTX Global lighting
  • Re-written manuals

Prepar3D v2 new content

  • Removed baked in shadows on airfield
  • Replaced runway night lighting
  • Replaced windsocks with ObjectFlow controlled socks
  • Recompiled libraries, placements, ADE file, and others for compatibility
  • P3Dv2 native ground polygon
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