PMDG анонсировали релиз беты 777

PMDG анонсировали релиз беты 777

02.08.2013 0 Автор Alex_buka


Собственно всё в названии. Подробности тут и тут. Так как работает с перебоями, на всякий случай цитата под катом.

In a message posted today in the PMDG forums here at AVSIM, Rob Randazzo made the following announcement.

Late each year, our friends at Boeing send out a bunch of calendars featuring various themes based around (shockingly enough) their product lines.

This year they sent a wall calendar (which Ryan made off with) and a petit desktop calendar that resides next to the phone here in my office.
Yesterday morning I sat down to go through the daily plan, and out of habit turned the calendar from July to August- and this is what I found:

Now- I KNOW how this forum loves a good conspiracy theory… Remember the folks predicting the release date based on the barometric pressure selected in one of the previous preview images? Or how about the time I mentioned Mother’s day in a random post and suddenly the folks at Tin Foil Hat Virtual Airlines started screaming that May 12 was definitely the release date?


Strap on an extra layer of tinfoil everyone- because this one actually means something.

I mean- do you know how hard we had to work to reach the marketing planner who was responsible for signing off on a Boeing Company corporate calendar featuring watercolor paintings of Boeing airplanes over scenic venues? And does anyone appreciate how expensive it was to buy off said marketing manager to shuffle the deck of cards so that the 777 would magically appear during the month in which we expect to release the 777?

Oh if only it were true…

Wait… which part of the above is untrue? The fact that we would go out of our way to bribe a low level manager responsible for the creation of logo-branded Boeing Swag? or the fact that we are planning to release the 777 this month?


Well- if it is another clue for you- the PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package has been under some absolutely brutal testing at the hands of some extremely talented 777 flight crews and technicians for months…

And yesterday, 01AUG13, about 2hrs after I turned my calendar over- we pushed the airplane out to our Wide Beta team- and started evaluating it for release fitness….

So… Yes… You caught us. We bribed that guy in the swag office at Boeing…

****DISCLAIMER: Everything in this email is subject to change at our whim without explanaition or justification. (And half of this disclaimer might be true too…)

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