про Airbus от Асофта

про Airbus от Асофта

03.06.2014 22 Автор Алексей

post-43-0-46328900-1401808054Много новостей про грядущий Airbus от Aerosoft. Все под катом, простите без перевода, чтобы не ломать смысл. Думаю кто на нем летает – прекрасно поймет о чем речь

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Итак цены:

  • Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 32.69€ (39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable) релиз запланирован на текущее лето
  • Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 32.69€ (39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable) релиз запланирован на раннюю осень
  • Aerosoft Airbus A330 32.69€ (39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable) нет запланированной даты релиза

Обновление с предыдущих версий Airbus

  • Upgrade from Airbus X Extended -> Airbus A320/A321 12,11€ (14,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)
  • Upgrade from Airbus X Extended -> Airbus A318/A319 16.16€ (19,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)
  • Upgrade from Airbus X Extended Airbus -> A320/A321 + A318/A319 20,95€  – самый вкусный вариант
  • cross update Airbus A320/A321 <-> Airbus A318/A319 12,11€ (14,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)

Ну а теперь о самом вкусном – системах, автопилотах и прочем

Modeling, features, Diverse

  • Tiller can be operated with FSX axis
  • Rudder Pedal (Wheel) Disconnect button added
  • External Model Lighting system updated (all lights now reflect on ground)
  • Reverse Animation now fixed on idle reverse.
  • Baro Display now memorizes the selection on selecting STD and restore it when deselecting
  • APU now non standard, correct spool-up times)
  • CPDLC gauge added (no code behind it, waiting for VATSIM and IVAO)
  • Updated sound module (now APU sound possible in external view etc)
  • Added a ACFT THRUST BUMP option in Right MCDU for more (but unrealistic) thrust on takeoff
  • FMA LOC Annunciation come much later now
  • APU changed to non standard FSX. Proper startup times now is correctly simulated
  • Fixed a issue where spool up may severely lag after using reverse during landing
  • Tweaked ATHR Spool parameters to reduce sensitivity
  • Secondary sound set
  • All versions delivered with Airac 1406
  • VC updated to reduce draw calls
  • Fully redone ISIS (Standby Instrument)
  • Saving and loading of FSX situations now saves and loads system state automatic
  • Ground behavior (drag, braking action) realistic without need to tweak FSX
  • Brake module redone to supply realistic brake temperatures (now models Goodrich Carbon brakes) and braking action depending on runway condition
  • GPU moved to another location
  • Wheel chocks reduced in size


  • Steep Approach possible
  • Fixed: pitch jerk on ALT*
  • Fixed: 2 AP remain engaged on Go Around during ILS Approaches


  • Redone in FPS friendly Direct 2D
  • Now handles both engine types
  • Engine and APU Fire Test Added
  • N. WHEEL STRG DISC appears when pushback added
  • Fixed: ECAM page that automatically become de-selected after a while
  • Fixed: T.O INHIBIT only appears after 80 knots


  • Terrain display added
  • Funtional (!) Precipitation radar added (TILT, GAIN, SYS1 controls) compatible with default FSX/P3d weather, Aidata limited – Ideal Flight Augmented, Aidata Limited – Ideal Flight 10, Hifi Tech – Active Sky 2012, FSGLOBAL Weather, Rolling Cumulus Software – weather themes, REX – REX Essential w/overdrive, AFS Design – Sky & Clouds fsx, Equinox IT – Fsclimate, HIFI Sim – ActiveSky Evolution, SL – Real Sky Pro Edition, FSOPEN – Open Clouds, Hanse Coders – FSRealwex Lite, Opus Software – OPUSFSX, Pilots -FS Global Real Weather, FSREALWX – XPrealwx Clouds, FS Meteo – FS Meteo, Just Flight – FS Global Real Weather, VATSIM pushed weather, IVAO pushed weather. Compatibility with weather tools that do not adhere to SDK standards (like ASN) is considered but not guaranteed.


  • DIR TO ABEAM, OUT/IN Radial added
  • TMPY FPLN Added
  • FIX INFO Page Added
  • OFFSET Added
  • Pseudo Symbols such as Start of Climb and Level Off Added
  • Refinements to LNAV Control Laws to make smoother turns
  • Fixed: some INCPT issues
  • Fixed: Multi-threaded now to remove FSX freezes when selecting a page.
  • Fixed: Font Issue with Zero Fixed.

Being considered, not confirmed

  • EGTS, Electric taxi option



  • Simulation of the Airbus A320 and A321 focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat.
  • Five models: A320 IAE engines, A320 CFM engines, A321 IAE engines, A321 CFM engines, A320 NEO demonstrator (A320 CFM with sharklets).
  • Late model cockpit (with LCD and updated ADIRS). Note we do default to the A321 CFM cockpit for all models (that is is also flown with N1 displays btw).
  • Twenty-one liveries, extensive paint kit. Over 100 additional liveries available on release.
  • Sublime modeling/texturing based on the latest technologies. Very easy on frame-rates.
  • Landing lights, taxi lights, taxiway turn-off lights created with the best technology which actually lights objects up.
  • Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects (sun screens, windows,  tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc).
  • Included web server that allows you to access (and use) the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers.
  • Extensive options to show ground objects (cones, ground power etc) and to actually provide ground power.
  • All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened.
  • Many systems programmed in XML to allows users to change code.
  • Extensive manuals, with highly detailed step-by-step section in (at least) 12 languages.
  • Prepared for Airport Enhancement Services. Fully compatible with GSX.
  • SDK will be available, LINDA connectivity available.
  • Add-in system that allows the aircraft to be extended with 3rd party applications (all using the right MCDU).
  • Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views.
  • Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion.
  • Add-in Checklist system: semi-automated audio checklists. Checklist has two options, callouts only, or callouts with semi-automation (think virtual co-pilot).
  • We opened part of the support sections already so the FAQ section could assist in answering some of the frequently asked questions: http://forum.aerosof…/forum/518-faq/
  • Fully tested under Windows 8.


  • Fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems with flight envelope protection, stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection, auto trim. Very nice to manually fly.
  • Fully custom autopilot systems, with full Cat III auto land, V/S, Managed CLB/DES, OP CLB/DES, heading and NAV modes. VNAV and LNAV included. FPA/TRK included.
  • Fully custom thrust computer systems (FADEC), throttle with detents, flex take-off.
  • Full featured MCDU (can be controlled via web browser, for example on tablet computers), also, information can be inserted using a the keyboard!
  • Flight plans supports SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, go-arounds, holds, Managed climbs and descent, constraints, and direct-to route editing.
  • VOR tracking implemented, DME arcs supported.
  • Comes with NavDataPro (LIDO) navigation database (better coverage then Navigraph) but backwards compatible with Navigraph. Includes current AIRAC Data at the time of release and this can be updated by the user at any moment.
  • Complete Runway Awareness and Advisory System included.
  • 12 ECAM pages included, showing relevant aircraft information.
  • Full featured Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) with 25 hour storage capacity and external display program (data can be exchanged with FS Flight Keeper, and a visual display of your flight can be exported to view in Google Earth).
  • Full features ADIR`s system.
  • Full feature TCAS system (including audio warnings) for AI Traffic, IVAO, VATSIM.
  • Full custom electrical bus system, with realistic battery run down and voltages.
  • Navigation display with curved lines, de-cluttering, stopwatch, selected navaid, runway information, range change, mode change, stopwatch etc.
  • Full custom fuel flow, avoiding standard FSX limitations.
  • Full custom autobrakes with constant deceleration instead of constant brake pressure.
  • Full featured loading and refueling module (interfaced with FSX) with advanced and simple mode.
  • Print option (not virtual, real printing) for performance sheet with V1, VR, V2, Runway Data, Packs, Flaps, Acceleration Height, Flex, Wind, OAT, QNH.

RAAS Functionality:

  • Approaching Runway (on ground)
  • Approaching Runway (in air)
  • On Runway
  • Runway End
  • Taxiway Take-off
  • Insufficient Runway Length
  • Extended Holding on Runway
  • Approaching Short Runway (in air)
  • Taxiway Landing
  • Flaps Setting (Take-off and Landing)
  • Landing Distance Remaining
  • Distance Remaining (Rejected Take-off)
  • Excessive Approach Speed
  • Excessive Approach Angle
  • Unstable Approach
  • Altimeter settings (above and below Transition)

Additional features:

  • Various background sounds from cabin crew, flight crew and ATC (optional)
  • View panel bar to easily switch between various 2D (11) and 3D views (16)
  • Contains in total 16 Checklists from COCKPIT PREPARATION to PARKING
  • Checklists mainly start automatic based on the flight situation p. e. the BEFORE TAKE CL automatically starts when plane reaches the runway holding point, DESCENT PREPARATION CL 9 NM from TOD etc.
  • Orally spoken checklist items by the PF and confirmed by the PnF
  • Option included that the PnF also performs certain settings (gear up, flaps settings etc.) which are part of the checklists
  • Infobar displaying the next manually to be taken action
  • Integration of AES functionality (optional) e.g. different pushback procedures if AES is installed
  • Speed limiter p. e. if the speed below 10.000 feet exceeds 250 knots the PnF gives a warning and automatically (optional) extends spoilers until the speed is below 250 knots.
  • Option to pause FSX 10 NM before TOD or at next waypoint
  • Saving of all made settings for the next flight (except CHECKLIST and PnF functionality)
  • Ground services (toggle of external objects, chocks, pylons, ground power unit)
  • Doors control (controls all doors and hatches)
  • Flight Data Recorder controls

Как мне кажется если все получится как запланировали нас ждет достаточно “вкусная” модель.
Еще надеемся на FSLabs, но им честно говоря веры уже нет, ужи слишком длинный долгострой получается :)



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