PRO-ATC/X – обновление

PRO-ATC/X – обновление

14.04.2013 0 Автор Алексей

Обновился лучший АТС для симулятора. Текущая версия получила номер Забираем здесь. Наконец-то в нее встроили опцию автоматической проверки обновлений. Список остальных изменений под катом.

– The descent has been improved again with this version. We have detected that Navigraph isn’t always correct regarding altitude restrictions – at least on the PRO-ATC/X package, which may cause difficulties on descent. They are working on it currently.

– When requesting for an alternate SID/STAR you may now select other runways when wind conditions are not clear, means wind heading is variable or wind velocity is below 5 Kts. This will help getting the runway AI is using in those cases.

– Automatic Update: This is the last version you have to install manually. You may check under Options “Automatically check for updates”, then you’ll be informed automatically when a new updates is available. When this option isn’t ticked you may check manually, the setup will still be installed automatically.

– Please don’t forget to re-calculate a flightplan before using it after an update has been installed.

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